BMW Interior Parts for BMW 7 Series E32 (1988-1994)

Clear BMW chassis
The interior of your BMW is where you will hopefully spend most of your time, so it should be ergonomic, comfortable, and safe. All interior components, from OEM replacement switches, trim, or steering wheels, to aftermarket upgrades like racing wheels, safety equipment, and racing seats, are available at Turner Motorsport.


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Recaro Universal Seat Sliders
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Part#: 0.70.X
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Starting at $135.00
Starting at $135.00
If you want fore-aft adjustment on your Recaro seat you will need a set of sliders. These are the genuine Recaro sliders that are some of the finest quality that we have seen. The sliders fit between the vehicle adapter and the seat brackets. There are two types depending on how your floor adapters work - without tabs and with tabs.

Recaro Seat Slider types -
Without Tabs - offers the lowest possible seating position - the total height of the sliders is 22mm (7/8"); the sliders are sandwiched between the floor mount and seat; the bolts install to the floor mount perpendicular to the ground; works with flat Macht Schnell or VAC style floor mounts only.
With Tabs - the sliders have tabs on each end with three height positions; the positions allow height and rake adjustments but means it's taller than the version without tabs - total height with the tabs is 58mm (2.25"); the tabs mean the mounting bolts install parallel to the ground; some floor mounts require the tab style (Wedge Engineering for example).

The Recaro sliders are all steel - pulling the handle moves teeth on two tracks which is more secure and stable than a single track. This set of sliders has the bar on the inside of the track (the most common for BMW fitments).

Sold per seat.
VDO Head Unit - USB, and Aux Input
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Part#: TR7412UB-OR
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Tired of dealing with an old radio that has worn out buttons, a burnt out display, and/or no easy way to connect your audio device without putting in some ugly modern head unit? That's where this VDO Head Unit with USB, and Auxiliary Input comes in! The sleek but simple styling of this VDO head unit is designed with a stock-style appearance, helping to retain a period correct look but with most of the modern features that make this unit an amazing product.

Key Features:

  • MP3 compatible head unit  
  • USB port
  • AUX input
  • Shallow installation for maximum clearance behind the unit
  • Wiring harness CA0504U-LS sold separately 

*Please note this is a aftermarket head unit and may require custom mounting, wiring or surrounds, professional installation is recommended*

Turner Motorsport Racing Aluminum Pedal Set for Manual Transmission
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Part#: TMS339007
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