Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Housing Cap - M52 M54

Turner Motorsport trusts ECS Tuning's Billet Aluminum Oil Filter housing cap to make M52 and M54 oil changes much simpler.

BMW uses a lot of plastic in their engine components to save weight and money. Unfortunately, plastic is damaged easily and the factory oil filter cap needs a special tool to remove. This aluminum cap is much more durable and features a standard 17mm hex and 36mm hex posts on the top. 17mm is also the size of your engine oil drain plug, reducing the number of tools that you need to complete an oil change.

This cap is designed to use the original o-ring seal so no special parts are required. You only have to remove the original 'filter cage' from the original cap and transfer it to the new aluminum cap. The satin black anodize blends in with the rest of your engine bay making this a smart and subtle upgrade.

This replaces OEM Part Number 11421744000

T#: 363055 | Part#: 002605ECS01A
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Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Housing Cap - M52 M54