BMW E46 Tools & Specialty Equipment

Performing certain maintenance and adjustments on your BMW is often a hassle or impossible without the proper tools. The difference between an enthusiast and an owner is the determination to get the job done on our own cars for pure satisfaction and to strengthen the bonds we share. All the specific tools you need to get the job done right, from fan clutch tools, cam alignment tools, and steering rack alignment tools, to coilover adjustment spanners, diagnostic equipment, and more have all been selected by our experts to help maintain your BMW.

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Alignment Tools

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Battery Chargers and Tenders

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Brake Tools

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Clutch Alignment Tools

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Coil Over Wrenches

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Cooling System Tools

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Cylinder Head and VANOS Tools

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Exhaust Tools

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Fan and Fan Clutch Tools

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Fault Code Readers and OBD Scan Tools

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Fender Rollers

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Fuel System Tools

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Genuine BMW Tool Kits

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Oil Service Tools

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Race Ramps

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Schwaben Lighting

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Spark Plug Sockets

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Transmission and Differential Tools

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Vehicle Lifts

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Wheel Pin Tools

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Workshop Chemicals

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