BMW Suspension Parts for BMW E46 M3 S54 (1999-2005)

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Your BMW's handling is determined by the capabilities and age of your suspension components. Our selected aftermarket performance suspension like coilovers, lowering springs, cup kits, and dampers can improve the handling of your BMW dramatically. With those upgrades comes the needs for proper adjustment; our recommended supporting modifications comes stiffer sway bars, bushings, and adjustable camber/caster plates, to name a few found on this page. Completely build your suspension for the most competitive BMW driving experience, achieve your perfect look, or simply replace your worn suspension with our recommended parts.

E46 Rear Chassis/Subframe Reinforcement Kit
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The E46 rear driveline and suspension are very similar to that of the E36. An unfortunate side effect of this is that the E46 also shares some of the same problems as the E36. One of these problems is the rear mounting points for the subframe, which can rip out from their spots in the sheet metal. This happens because the rear differential transmits the torsional load from the engine through the subframe, then into the chassis. This constant loading and unloading weakens the sheet metal and causes it to fatigue and separate from the chassis. BMW tried to fix this problem in the E46 by placing a cross member on the front two mounting points of the subframe. This cross member keeps the front mounting points from having problems by placing the bushing and the stud in double-sheer, thus reducing the twisting action on the sheet metal. The unfortunate side effect of this is that the load from the front of the subframe now gets transmitted to the left rear of the subframe. This is where we have seen many failures of the chassis on low mileage street cars and race cars. BMW has also tried to prevent the issue by injecting foam into the open space between the underside of the chassis and the top of the trunk. This seems to work but that does not address the issues of the spot welds failing on the sheetmetal. It can also make any additional work there harder and almost impossible to weld against. Our reinforcement kit has proven over and over again to be effective and the easiest to work with in the long run.

This product reinforces the chassis sheet metal at the subframe mounting points. We do this by thickening the metal and distributing the load over a larger area. This kit will save time when repairing the chassis, and is also strongly recommended as a preventative maintenance item.

Photo Gallery: E46 Subframe Failure / Repair

Click here for installation instructions.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1999-2005 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 325i 325ci 325xi 328i 328ci 330i 330ci 330xi M3
Turner Motorsport Street/Track Rear Adjustable Camber Arms (Pair) - E36, E46, E85
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Part#: TSU9940X
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Starting at $319.95
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Top seller! The Turner Adjustable Rear Camber Arms: The Only Adjustable Arms Approved for Grand-Am Continental Tire Challenge Racing Series

Why you should use Turner Motorsport camber arms on your car:

  • If you have a lowered car and have run out of adjustment with the stock camber arms.
  • If you have a track car and are looking for increased camber adjustment, light weight pieces, stronger components, and improved suspension handling
  • Two bushing styles to meet your needs: solid rod-end for track-only use, or rubber bushing for mixed street/track use (approved by Grand-Am!)
  • The high range of adjustment allows a full racecar setup or a heavily lowered car to maintain factory specifications.
  • Only high quality and high strength materials and components are used
  • Aluminum camber arms are designed as a lightweight component, thereby reducing wear and tear on other, more critical parts (rear subframe, control arm bushings, etc). Each camber arm weighs only 2.5 lbs making for a total of 5 lbs for both parts! Stock camber arms weigh 3 lbs each. We have seen competitor's arms that weigh twice as much!
  • Hardcoat anodized aluminum, stainless steel turnbuckles, and stainless rod ends to all but eliminate corrosion from getting into the threads and making adjustment difficult.
  • CNC-machined double shear design for ease of installation, high strength, and choice of outside bushing material. But we do suggest using with (outer bushing # 33326775551) for best performance.
  • Easy adjustment - our main adjustment point is on the outside by the wheel so there is no need to work around the exhaust or subframe to adjust camber.
  • All hardware included.


Installation Instructions:
Instructions for Rod-End Style (TSU9940001)
Instructions for Bushing-End Style (TSU9940B77)

This item fits the following BMWs:
1992-1999 E36 BMW 318i 318is 318ic 323is 323ic 325i 325is 325ic 328i 328is 328ic M3
1999-2006 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 325i 325ci 325xi 328i 328ci 330i 330ci 330xi M3
2001-2006 SpecE46 BMW 330i 330ci
2003-2008 E85 BMW Z4 2.5i Z4 3.0i Z4 3.0si Z4 M Roadster M Coupe


Turner Motorsport Sealed Monoball Rear Trailing Arm Bushings (pair) (RTAB) - V2.0 E36 E46 Z4
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Part#: 017738TMS02
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Our sealed Monoball Rear Trailing Arm Bushings (RTAB) are the best solution for completely eliminating deflection and unwanted toe changes on the rear of the E36, E46, and Z4. While rubber and urethane bushings flex during load, the toe can change widely giving you nervous and unpredictable handling. These RTABs have a solid aluminum housing with a high-quality sealed OE bearing. These bushings were developed from years of competition use in various racing and HPDE events. There is simply no better RTAB unless your racing class rules prohibit the use of mono or spherical bearings.

The rear trailing arm bushings take a lot of abuse from acclerating, braking and cornering. The stock rubber bushings are just not up to the task of keeping rear wheel alignment in spec for very long, especially if you have upgraded to stickier tires and a better suspension. The pliable rubber flexes and twists which slows down reaction time and leaves you with a car that feels nervous and 'tail happy'. Urethane helps to control the alignment but issues with fitment, maintenance, and longevity keep us from recommending urethane on anything but a street car. We also offer a Delrin RTAB for cars that must conform to certain racing class rules. These sealed spherical bearings are the best at controlling rear toe alignment.

Our aluminum RTABs are very well made - high grade aluminum alloy and steel CNC'd out of a billet by an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, each component is either hardcoated or nickel plated. While multiple manufacturers offer two piece designs, our research showed that a one piece bushing is a better design featuring a sealed bearing to keep contaminants out extending the life of the bearing.


Key Benefits:

  • Rear Trailing Arm Monoball eliminates unwanted deflection, maintaining alignment settings and minimizing wheel hop.
  • Allows full rear trailing arm articulation for low friction movement and eliminates binding found in rubber and poly bushings.
  • Completely streetable: utilizes an OES Lemforder brand sealed, greased ball joint for an extremely long service life with no increase to NVH.


Design Features:

  • Housing: Billet CNC 6061-T6 aluminum, type II anodized for exceptional durability and corrosion resistance
  • Bearing: OE Mercedes/lemforder 2043520027 Sealed ball joint
  • Bearing inserts: CNC machined 303 stainless steel.
  • Rebuildable

Clickhere for installation instructions.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1992-1998 E36 BMW 318i 318is 318ic 323is 323ic 325i 325is 325ic 328i 328is 328ic M3
1999-2005 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 325i 325ci 325xi 328i 328ci 330i 330ci 330xi M3
2003-2008 Z4 BMW Z4 2.5i Z4 3.0i Z4 3.0si Z4 M Roadster M Coupe

E36, E46 Rear Shock Tower Mount Reinforcement Kit
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Part#: TSU9975100
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Made in the USA A very common weak point on the 3 series BMW is the sheetmetal of the rear shock tower. The sheetmetal here is relatively thin and very susceptible to stress and fatigue. A worn out shock will bottom-out more often and this energy is transferred through the bump stop and into the metal chassis. Stiffer shocks and shock mounts also put more stress on the sheetmetal. Factor in age, mileage, and environmental conditions and it's not a surprise that we see shock tower failures often. BMW addressed this issue with reinforcements of their own but our's are thicker for additional strength. This kit mounts on top of the shock tower and can either be bolted or welded in place. Because of the shape of the rear shock tower, these do not fit cabrio/convertible cars.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1992-1999 E36 BMW 318i 318is 318ti 323is 325i 325is 328i 328is M3 - not for convertibles
1999-2005 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 325i 325ci 325xi 328i 328ci 330i 330ci 330xi M3 - not for convertibles

Rear Shock Mounts (RSM) - Repair Shop Lifetime Warranty - E30, E36, E46, Z3, Z4 (Pair)
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Part#: JRDRP
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The rear mounts in BMW 3 series fail, no matter what year from 1983 to present, that is a weak point of the suspension. Here's the solution. The 3 Series "Repair Shop" Rear Shock Mounts carry a lifetime warranty and will last as long as you own your car. Expect the same comfortable ride you have with factory mounts. These are an inexpensive alternative to expensive factory mounts.

Make this complete by adding the mount gasket and nuts (add the option below).
Rear Subframe Bushings/Mount Set - Turner Solid Aluminum - E46/E46 M3, Z4/Z4 M
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Part#: TDR4680014
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Made in the USA The rear subframe is the heart of the BMW rear suspension. Not only do all of the suspension arms attach to it, the driveline runs through it via the differential and half-shafts. Therefore, a track-prepped E46 should never see any flex or deflection in any of the subframe mounts. Excessive movement here transfers to unwanted suspension motions elsewhere and is also a major contributor to failures in the rear floor sheetmetal.

While our Delrin-Aluminum subframe mounts conform to various racing series these all-aluminum mounts are the ultimate in reducing flex and deflection. The rubber stock mounts, and the Delrin mounts to a small degree, flex and deflect as various forces are applied throughout the subframe - on and off throttle loading, cornering on flat surfaces, bumpy surfaces, weight transfer, sticky race tires, etc. Too much flex from worn rubber mounts will transfer to flex where the subframe meets the chassis/floor. This is the primary cause for the infamous rear subframe failure. These fully solid aluminum mounts have absolutely zero flex to them so they will not contribute to rear subframe issues. The Turner E46 Reinforcement Kit is still recommended.

These solid subframe mounts were designed for racing use only, where we won several sports car championships in the Grand-Am Cup series. These subframe mounts are over-engineered to be a major improvement over the stock subframe mounts not only for performance but also in strength as well. The aluminum is CNC machined for a precise fit and minimal weight. One front bushing is slotted to allow for BMW's manufacturing tolerances. Professional and experienced installation is required.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1999-2005 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 325i 325ci 325xi 328i 328ci 330i 330ci 330xi M3
2001-2006 SpecE46 BMW 330i 330ci
2003-2008 Z4 BMW Z4 2.5i Z4 3.0i Z4 3.0si Z4 M Roadster M Coupe

OEM Lemforder Rear Outer Upper or Lower Trailing Arm Ball Joint - E36, E46, X3, Z4
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Part#: 33326775551
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This ball joint is used for the upper rear trailing arm bushing on ALL E36, E46, E83 X3, and E85 Z4 cars. BMW also used it as the lower bushing on most M cars. It makes a great upgrade on all non-M cars where BMW used a rubber bushing at the lower position.

This sealed ball joint is one of the best things about the rear suspension - it functions extremely well and lasts a long time. And it can be used as a replacement for the existing bushing without any further modification. The non-M cars used a solid rubber bushing for the lower arm (camber arm, wishbone) which does not last very long and relies on bushing deflection (twist) during suspension motions. The ball joint inside the upgraded design is much more effective during this suspension movements as it does not bind or deflect. And because it's sealed with rubber it will last a long time and remain quiet and maintenance free. Most customers report that after installing or "upgrading" to these bushings the rear end of their car felt much more stable.

Price is per bushing. Left/Right and Upper/Lower are the same part.

OEM Lemförder is an engineering company that focuses on high-quality, precision manufacturing of critical suspension and steering components. Providing exceptionally high quality parts directly to BMW, as well as 50+ other big name automotive companies, such as Mercedes and Audi, their history of reliability and variety of offered parts makes them one of the biggest names for a go-to OEM parts provider. Lemförder parts place an important emphasis on design, production, and assembly, ensuring maximum reliability. They even coat all parts possible with corrosion protection for extended longevity.

As a leading source of high performance BMW parts and accessories since 1993, we at Turner Motorsport are honored to be the go-to supplier for tens of thousands of enthusiasts the world over. With over two decades of parts, service, and racing experience under our belt, we provide only quality performance and replacement parts.  All of our performance parts are those we would (and do!) install and run on our own cars, as well as replacement parts that are Genuine BMW or from OEM manufacturers. We only offer parts we know you can trust to perform!

This item fits the following BMWs:
1992-1998 E36 BMW 318i 318is 318ic 323is 323ic 325i 325is 325ic 328i 328is 328ic M3
1999-2005 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 325i 325ci 325xi 328i 328ci 330i 330ci 330xi M3
2004-2010 E83 BMW X3 2.5i X3 3.0i X3 3.0si
2003-2008 Z4 BMW Z4 2.5i Z4 3.0i Z4 3.0si Z4 M Roadster M Coupe

E36/E46 Rear Adjustable Length Sway Bar End Links (Pair)
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Part#: TSU9913RS2
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These adjustable rear links are only required when using sway bar / swaybars with a suspension with a very low ride height, where it may be necessary to adjust the length of the end links for proper sway bar clearance from the drive axles or other suspension components. These suspensions are usually found only on race cars but this may also apply to street cars with sport springs/sport coil overs that are lowered a lot. On most street cars lowered 1.5" or less, the stock links will be fine.

These end links feature a Heim joint, which allows enough lateral movement when disconnected to adjust the length of the link without removing the entire link from the car. This is particularly helpful when eliminating or adjusting preload while tuning the suspension. Similar links without this joint, can't be adjusted without totally removing the link from the car.

Built-in grease fittings allow for occasional lube, and a packet of grease is included. These links are sold as a set, and include two end links and hardware for H&R and TMS sway bars (other brands may not need the hardware). 

At their shortest setting they are 2.875" hole to hole and on their longest setting they are 3.5" hole to hole.

*Note: these links will not work with factory or non-adjustable Eibach sway bars.

E28, E30, E34, E36, E39, E46, E9X, MZ3, Z4 Turner Motorsport Adjustable Front Sway Bar End Links (Pair)
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Part#: TMS339009
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Starting at $163.95
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You get the best of both worlds with this pair of Turner Motorsport adjustable sway bar links. We searched far and wide to find the hidden gem of swaybar links. You get the same quiet operation and long life as the stock links plus the strength and adjustability of rod-end style sway bar links.

With the wide range of suspensions and sway bars available today adjustable sway bar links can help you with many problems. Along with the ability to remove preload you can change the length to maximize sway bar geometry. Example: if the sway bar hoop comes too close to the steering rack, oil cooler, or under tray in its suspension travel you can adjust it by simply lengthening or shorting the adjustment rod. In some cases you may need a longer or shorter adjustment rod to achieve optimal geometry. We also offer these same links in other custom lengths (click here) that may not be specific to BMW chassis.


  • Adjustable to neutralize preload on sway bar (balanced handling)
  • The ability to set sway bar geometry and clearance
  • Low friction ball joints
  • High articulation
  • Direct replacement for OEM sway bar links
  • Watertight boot seal
  • Ball joint is made by a world leader in ball joint technology, THK. THK's OEM Customers: BMW, Porsche, Ford, GM, Nissan, Honda, and Toyota

Turner Swaybar Link Specs:
TSU9912AF1: 220.00mm - 235.00mm / 8.66" - 9.25"
TSU4612AF3: 250.00mm - 265.00mm / 9.84" - 10.43"
TSU5012AF8: 280.00mm - 295.00mm / 11.02" - 11.61"
TSU9912A95: 290.00mm - 305.00mm / 11.42" - 12.00"

These adjustable sway bar end links can be used on a variety of BMWs. Please select your car below. Please note these end links do not fit non-M E36, except 325i/is produced before 6/1992.

Turner Motorsport Custom Length Adjustable Front Sway Bar End Links (Pair)
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Part#: TMS2104
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Starting at $163.95
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Starting at $163.95
Free Shipping

Our renowned TMS adjustable front sway bar / swaybar links for BMWs are now available in custom lengths, making them easy to order for any aftermarket or custom suspension setups. Simply measure for your ideal link length, and order the links with the best length range (below). Each sway bar link has a 10mm diameter mounting pin/stud, which is the typical factory/stock size for a universal fitment. These are sold by the pair, and each set includes two matching sway bar end links.

These end links offer the quiet operation and long life of "stock" BMW end links, but with the strength and adjustability of rod-end style sway bar links. These sway bar links can be used on a wide variety of BMWs and aftermarket BMW suspensions. When measuring, please consider that the length ranges of our Custom Adjustable end links are measured from the center to center on the end link mounting stud / pin, as shown in our diagram.

Note for E9X M3: the unique mounting on the M3 strut requires a set of our adapter seats (#TSU9912AF9). You can add them with your links from the menu below.

TMS Part#Center to Center (mm)Center to Center (inch)

TSU9912A35155.00mm - 170.00mm6.10" - 6.69"

TSU9912A40170.00mm - 185.00mm6.69" - 7.28"

TSU9912A45180.00mm - 195.00mm7.08" - 7.67"

TSU9912A50190.00mm - 205.00mm7.48" - 8.07"

TSU9912A55207.00mm - 222.00mm8.15" - 8.74"

TSU9912AF1220.00mm - 235.00mm8.66" - 9.25"

TSU9912A70240.00mm - 255.00mm9.45" - 10.04"

TSU4612AF3250.00mm - 265.00mm9.84" - 10.43"

TSU9912A80261.00mm - 276.00mm10.28" - 10.87"

TSU5012AF8280.00mm - 295.00mm11.02" - 11.61"

TSU9912A95290.00mm - 305.00mm11.42" - 12.00"

TSU9912110320.00mm - 335.00mm12.59" - 13.19"

TSU9912115330.00mm - 345.00mm12.99" - 13.58"

TSU9912130362.00mm - 377.00mm14.25" - 14.84"

TSU9912135370.00mm - 385.00mm14.57" - 15.16"

TSU9912140381.00mm - 396.00mm15.00" - 15.60"

TSU9912145389.00mm - 404.00mm15.31" - 15.91"

Please select your length below. 

Turner Motorsport Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Limiter Kit (RTAB Shim Kit)
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Part#: TSU9990001
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Turner Motorsport Bushing Limiters were the first - and still the best - RTAB Limiter on the market. Instead of a 'floating' design that can rattle and wear, our aluminum Limiters are fixed in place and feature an anti-stick Teflon coating so the bushing never sticks and squeaks.

The great defect in the rear trailing arm bushing (RTAB) is that the soft rubber design allows too much movement and extension during cornering. The bushing is not strong enough to resist hard cornering loads. A stiffer bushing helps but has trade-offs in ride and comfort. If you want to maintain your ride comfort with rubber bushings, these RTAB Limiters will prolong their life and improve handling.

These Limiters sit on either side of the bushing and limit its movement. By limiting motion the bushing effectively becomes stiffer, improving handling and reducing toe change during cornering. When not cornering, the Limiters are not in play so ride comfort remains the same as stock. Our Limiters are permanently bolted to the housing that surrounds the bushing. Other types of Limiters 'float' between the bushing and housing, which can rattle and squeak as the bushings move. Instead of plastic or Delrin that will wear over time, our RTAB Limiters are made from aluminum with a tough hardcoat anodize (tougher than standard anodizing) and finished with a Teflon anti-stick coating.

Turner RTAB Limiter Kit includes -

  • set of 4 anodized aluminum bushing limiters
  • 5mm Allen bolts and washers
  • install template

Need E36/E46 RTAB bushings? Click here for replacement trailing arm bushings.

Click for installation instructions.


This item fits the following BMWs:
1992-1999 E36 BMW 318i 318is 318ic 323is 323ic 325i 325is 325ic 328i 328is 328ic M3
1999-2006 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 325i 325ci 325xi 328i 328ci 330i 330ci 330xi M3