BMW E46 M3 Drivetrain Parts

Building your perfect BMW is more than just adding horsepower and stiff suspension. Your drivetrain needs attention in order to deliver power effectively. Most BMWs feature comfortable clutch discs, heavy flywheels, long shifter throws, and open differentials. The drivetrain transmits power to the wheels, but can also be a source of power loss when it is designed for comfort rather than performance. Everything on this page will help you improve your power delivery and driving experience by providing custom Limited Slip Differentials, Short Shift Conversions, Performance Clutch Discs, Lightweight Flywheels, and anything else your BMW needs to be the perfect driving experience.

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Axle Shafts

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B&M Short Shifters

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Clutch Parts

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Differential and Gearing Upgrades

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Differential Mounts and Upgrades

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Drivershaft Center Support Bearings

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Drivetrain Mounts and Upgrades

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Flex Discs & Guibos

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Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel Upgrades

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OEM Clutch Kits & Clutch Parts

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Performance Clutch Kits & Parts

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Performance Short Shift Kits

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Shifter Bushings

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Shifter Components and Upgrades

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Stainless Steel Clutch Lines

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Stock OEM Dual Mass Flywheels

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Transmission Mounts

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Transmission Parts

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UUC DSSR - Double Sheer Selector Rod

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UUC Short Shift Kits

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