K&P Engineering High Performance Stainless Steel Micronic Oil Filter - S65 S85

Stainless steel filtration is not a new technology but is quickly gaining popularity in the automotive segment. With the ability to filter down as small as a paper filter element with the ability to be washed and reused!

The K&P Engineering filter element is made from medical grade, type 304 stainless steel micronic filter cloth to provide unmatched protection against oil contamination and resultant engine damage. A one inch square of this material flows an incredible 1.9 gallons of oil per minute at only 1 PSI pump pressure. The adhesive used in the filter assembly process is good to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, far above normal engine operating temperatures. A super strength nickel-plated neodymium rare earth magnet is installed in the top of the element for magnetic pre-filtering of the oil. The sophisticated bypass is engineered for proper differential pressures and consistent operation, delivering a greater percentage of filtered oil while being very easy to clean. The twist lock design assures positive filter element placement and allows for easy disassembly, inspection, and cleaning. The quad-ring gasket doubles the seal between the filter and the engine. Finally, the filter housing is carved out of solid 6061T6 billet aluminum, which not only looks trick but aids in dissipating heat.

K&P Engineering manufactures stainless steel filters for a vast array of engines around the world. Staying at the forefront of design and testing allows this company to offer a top-tier product for your European vehicle.


  • Consistent filtering across entire filter surface
  • Superior ASTMF316 filtration performance
  • Magnetic Prefiltering
  • Progressive rate bypass combined with high flow characteristics of the filter media avoids unfiltered oil bypassing the filter during cold startup and high rpm
  • Easy inspection of engine contamination
  • Proven in Motorsports, Military and Aerospace applications for years. Technology is FAA approved for use in aircraft. 

At regular oil changes, clean to K&P's specifications for continued used - a true lifetime filter.


Watch to learn how to clean a K&P oil filter


This part fits the following BMWs:
2006 - 2010 E60 M5 Sedan
2006 - 2010 E63 M6 Coupe & Convertible
2008 - 2013 E90 M3 Sedan
2008 - 2013 E92 M3 Coupe
2008 - 2013 E93 M3 Convertible

T#: 403039 | Part#: S39
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K&P Engineering High Performance Stainless Steel Micronic Oil Filter - S65 S85