Limited Slip Differential Unit for E90/E92 335i (LSD)

Have you taken your 335i to the track yet? Have you turned off traction control and tried to launch your 335i? Imagine how fast your car would go 0-60mph if both wheels had power going to them! Its unbelievable that such a great performance car is lacking a limited slip -- perhaps BMW didn't want the 335i to be THAT much faster than the previous M3! BMW stopped putting limited slip differentials in all cars in 1995 (except for "M" cars). So, if its not an M3 or M5 your car does not have power going to BOTH wheels at the same time. In other words, it is "one wheel drive." This is not good for any type of performance car and if you have taken your car to the track or have auto crossed it you can see why.

Video: LSD makes all the diff-erence
Our limited slip unit for the 335i is a complete assembly (or "chunk") that replaces the "open" differential chunk currently in your diff. This an authentic German made Drexler brand clutch type limited slip (with 45/30 ramping). Drexler worked directly with BMW Motorsport to create this unit, and supplies to such as M-Team Schnitzer. The unit uses the factory bearings, fits into the factory differential housing, reuses the factory ring gear*** and all critical dimensions are close to the factory unit. This makes installation easier, requiring minimal ring and pinion setup time and shimming. Professional installation is recommended, however.

We sell this part in a few different ways:
1) As long as you don't have a welded-in ring gear, TMS can install this unit in your car's original differential - You send us your diff and we install the limited slip unit and send the diff back. Some cars are being built with welded ring gear rather than a bolted-together unit.

2) We can send you a low mileage preowned diff with the limited slip installed - and we charge you a core charge. When you send us back your (non welded ring gear) stock diff we refund the core charge (currently $1600)

*** Please note that on mid year production (mid-'07) 335i's, we have found that the ring and pinion is welded in place, and cannot be unbolted to re-use with our limited slip "chunk". On these 335i's you must buy our LSD unit already installed into a differential (option #2), as your existing diff is not elligible for option #1 .
T#: 55 | Part#: 100-100-00008
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Limited Slip Differential Unit for E90/E92 335i (LSD)