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Motive Power Fluid Extractor for Engine, Transmission & Differential Fluids

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Note:This product is no longer available.

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Fluid Transfer Pump, Manual, Each Motive Products power extractors are designed to remove up to 6 quarts of transmission fluid, engine oil, or other vehicle fluids quickly and easily. Simply use the built-in hand pump and pressure gauge to create a vacuum in the tank, and the fluids are pulled into the Power Extractor through the 3 ft. of attached tubing. Motive Products power extractors come with a dipstick tube for oil changing and stretchable tubing for vacuum brake bleeding.

Power Extractor™ not compatible for oil changes with: Most 2006 and newer BMWs due to lack of an oil dipstick. Most late model GM V8s, 2000-02 Ford SUV, 2000 Ford Taurus, GM- late models with V8, 1999-2001 Pontiac TransAm, 1992-94 Toyota Camry, 2009 Camry, 2004 Toyota Highlander, 2002 & newer Porsche Carrera, 96 Land Rover with 4.0L V-8 due to convoluted dipstick path.
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