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Performance exhaust options from the best BMW aftermarket producers and the most reliable replacement maintenance parts are all at Turner Motorsport. Over time, factory exhaust on the cleanest examples of BMW heritage shows their age. Our factory replacement exhausts are just what you need to keep your favorite car in showroom condition or finish off your restoration. If you are looking for a bump in sound and power, you can also find our performance options like Headers, Downpipes, and Mufflers from Corsa, DINAN, and others on this page.
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O2 Sensor Bung and Plug
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Part#: TEN9949O2S
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Made in the USA O2 Sensor Bung and plug. This weld-in bung allows an O2 sensor to be screwed into your exhaust system. It's required for custom exhaust systems, and is also useful for air/fuel ratio measurements when dyno testing. A threaded plug is included to cap off when not in use. Bung and cap/plug are both 100% stainless steel. The bung and plug are also available separately (in case you don't need both). Simply choose your option below.
    TMS Oxygen Sensor Bung Specs:
  1. Material 304 stainless steel
  2. 1.00" / 25.4mm OD
  3. 0.50" / 12.7mm Tall
  4. Thread size and pitch M18x1.5
    TMS O2 Sensor Plug & Crush Ring Specs
  1. Material 304 stainless steel
  2. 10mm female hex for install and removal
  3. Thread size and pitch M18x1.5
  4. Copper Crush Ring for leak free installation
   Install Tips
  • Locate bung as close to engine a possible, without exceeding the maximum operating temperature for the O2 sensor. The suggested location is just down-stream of the merge-collector on each bank of cylinders.
  • Sensors located after upstream exhaust system leaks or too close to exhaust outlets are susceptible to poor readings or influence of ambient air
  • O2 Sensors exposed to exhaust gasses with too high amount of un-burnt fuel can lead to misleading readings. A possible lean reading.
  • Locate sensor/bung 90° to exhaust gas stream.
  • Locate sensor/bung in tube with a minimum of 10° up angel to prevent liquid build up in sensor element.
  • Use stainless steel welding wire or rod when installing bung.
  • Do not have bung plug or a oxygen sensor installed when welding bung in place.
  • Welding can distort the bung so it is recommended you chase/tap the threads of the bung after welding.
  • When installing O2 sensor or plug, use an O2 sensor compatible high temperature resistant grease on the threads.
  • Use tightening torque suggested by O2 senor manufacturer.