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BMW E10 2002tii M15 2.0L Parts

Before BMW's famous M GmbH division made motorsport history with the introduction of the E30 M3 that solidified their place in racing history as a mainstay, there was the BMW 2002. The 2002 represented BMW's desire to create a useable every-day driver that could compete in the straights with highway cruisers and through the corners with dedicated roadsters. The combination of a lightweight chassis, responsive drivetrain, and functional interior space made the 2002 a hallmark of sports coupes that remains constant today. Of those cars, the BMW 2002 tii was the peak performance model and has pulled at the heartstrings of BMW enthusiasts since it was released in 1972. The 2002 tii is the true father of BMW performance coupes and sedans, as it was one of the first models to give drivers the upgrades they wanted straight from the factory like larger wheels, a higher output engine, stiffer chassis, more capable brakes, and several specific changes that differentiated the tii from the rest of the type 114 lineup as the true vision of motoring perfection for which BMW has become famous. If you are a steward of this irreplaceable component to BMW's history, then finding the right parts to maintain and improve your 2002 tii is paramount. We have gathered everything exclusive to your 2002 tii you will ever need and organized it by category here on this page so parts hunting is no longer a time-consuming struggle in comparing numbers and searching forums online. Know with assurance everything here is tailored to your 2002 tii by our enthusiasts to help you continue enjoying this timeless part of motorsport heritage.