BMW E46 M3 Brake Rotors & Discs

Similarly to brake pads, the brake rotors can be matched to specific driving conditions and intended use. For solely street use the design and characteristics particular to each rotor are not big factors in overall braking performance. For instance, a cross-drilled rotor will not significantly improve braking under street conditions. Improved stopping performance will come mostly from your brake pads. Some rotor designs perform better under racing conditions with racing pads but, generally, all rotor types can be used on the street. For race track use we typically recommend a slotted or blank stock rotor. Any 2-piece floating rotor is superior to anything else and those are our first recommendation when available. For more information on the brake rotors we sell, check out our rotor buying guide.

All of these rotors are manufactured to meet BMW's specs for each vehicle application. Our standard rotors are sourced from original manufacturers for BMW (OEM), performance alternatives, or straight from BMW themselves. In some cases BMW Motorsport and BMW Performance will have their own rotor upgrades. Our Cross-Drilled, Slotted, and Drilled+Slotted rotors are manufacturered by StopTech - a global leader in braking technology and the braking technical partner to the Turner Motorsport racing team.

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