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BMW E92 M3 Routine Maintenance & Tune-Up Packages

BMW E92 M3 Routine Maintenance & Tune-Up Packages Keeping up with the maintenance on your car is the smart thing to do. For one thing, it prevents costly repairs in the future. For another, your car performs better, making aftermarket upgrades more worthwhile. And a well-maintained car with complete service records can add substantially to a car's resale value. In the last few years BMW has offered free scheduled maintenance on new cars. But this practice has led to deferred maintenance if you stick with their schedule. We don't want to see you left on a ledge after the warranty runs out so our service packages will ensure you get many more miles from your treasured BMW.

These tune-up packages can be configured any number of ways to ensure you get what you need for a full Inspection I, Inspection II, scheduled service, or any other major preventative maintenance service on a US-spec BMW. Our parts are OE, OEM, or performance alternatives that we have been using since our beginnings in 1993. We're dedicated to BMWs only! So you know that the people you're buying from are not just selling products out of a catalog for multiple makes of car. We know your car! You get top quality parts, first-rate service, and unbeatable expertise to keep your BMW in peak condition.
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S65 Liqui Moly Oil Service Kit

Liqui Moly GmbH develops and tests all engine oils, additives, and car care products in-house, ensuring all Liqui Moly products extend the life of your engine via optimal lubrication. With more than 50 years of experience and reviews across the world from magazines and race teams, Liqui Moly proves time and time again why they are one of the most innovative lead forces of performance automotive chemicals in the world. Turner Motorsport trusts Liqui Moly to keep all of our race cars - including the M6 - running smooth from the first hotlap to the last.

Turner Motorsport recommends Synthoil Race Tech GT1 10w-60 for your S65 engine. Race Tech is a modern high performance engine oil formulated for engines that experience extreme load pressures. Fully synthetic, the oil combines base oils and additives to provide exceptional lubrication and engine wear protection. This oil provides immediate lubrication upon cold start, offering significantly improved protection compared to other oils. Liqui Moly Race Tech GT1 10w-60 will keep your S65 pulling hard and running smooth on your commute home from work, your touge run through the valley, and while you are trying to get your best times on the track. 

Choose the level of Liqui Moly Oil Service your BMW deserves: 

  • Liqui Moly Bronze service involves switching to Liqui Moly oil without the introduction of additives.
  • Liqui Moly Silver service includes a Pro-Line Engine Flush to remove sludge and carbon buildup from the oil circulation system.
  • Liqui Moly Gold service includes Silver service and Jectron Fuel Injection System Cleaner. This cleans your injectors and maintains your fuel system to improves engine performance and efficiency.
  • Liqui Moly Platinum service includes Gold service and Cera Tec Oil Additive. This prevents wear and reduces friction to improve engine performance and efficiency.

Below you can add new drain plug and crush washer, along with your choice of oil filter.

This kit also features many Popular Service Tools that make your life easier when working on your BMW:

  • Turner Motorsport Magnetic Fender Cover
  • Schwaben 6.5L Fluid Extractor
  • Schwaben 14mm/17mm Service Wrench
  • Schwaben Professional BMW/MINI Scan Tool

Have you ever been bent over your engine bay for a few hours and noticed that your belt scratched your fender? We've got you covered with the Turner Motorsport Magnetic Fender Cover. We also offer a myriad of Schwaben tools. Schwaben's Professional Scan Tool vastly simplifies diagnosing your BMW. This scan tool offers OE-level diagnostics for over 25 years of models, also allowing you to access common service features like resetting your oil service light, installing a new battery, throttle body adjustment, DPF regeneration, and more. The Schwaben Fluid extractor allows you displace 6.5L of fluid without making a mess of your workspace. Lastly, we've found that the 14mm/17mm service wrench allows you to service most of your vehicle with just one tool - one of the biggest hangups with working on a vehicle is losing your tools. Save yourself time looking for multiple different tools across your garage by owning one that does it all.

These products fit the following BMWs:

2008-2013 BMW E9x M3 
2010-2011 E92 M3 GTS 

Turner Motorsport
Part #: S65LMOCP1
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Castrol TWS 10w-60 Oil Service Kit - E9X M3 S65

When changing your oil, you want to make sure you are using the best. Turner Motorsport now offers our premium Castrol TWS Oil service kits to ensure you are getting the best products available for your routine oil services. Everything included has been specifically picked to ensure high quality and outstanding wear protection. 

One of the most popular engine oil choices on the market today, Castrol Edge Professional TWS 10-60 engine oil is premium engine oil approved by BMW for use in a wide variety of engines such as the M30, S54, S85, and many more. In fact, this oil is the same oil that BMW uses for their performance engines from the factory. Thanks to its premium blend of synthetic oil and additives, this oil continues to provide protection under even the harshest conditions and is perfect for both street cars and cars that see occasional track use.


  • SAE-10w60
  • ACEA A3/B4
  • VW 501 01/505 00
  • Exclusive Approval for BMW M-Models

Included in this Kit:

  • Castrol TWS 10w-60 Premium Oil - 9 Liters
  • Engine Oil Drain Plug & Washer - 2 Included
  • Premium Oil Filter
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Part #: E9XM3TWSKT
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E9X M3 Maintenance Service Package Don't buy into the hype that your car is maintenace-free! It was only free during the BMW warranty period, which simply deferred maintenance. Take charge of the care and servicing of your investment and it will reward you in driving pleasure and in your bank account. Using a preventative service schedule will not only keep your BMW running like new, but will also prevent a more costly repair and inconvenience in the future. Not to mention, complete and thorough maintenance records can add hundreds or thousands to a selling price of a used car and give a buyer unmatched piece-of-mind.

Our approach to servicing and caring for newer BMW models is not radically different than when we opened nearly twenty years ago. The design and materials of some components have changed but that only affects WHEN you should replace something, not IF. Through our own Service Department, and thousands of sales annually, we have put together packages for your newer BMW model that will reinject some life into your car and keep it performing at its peak. We use Original Equipment (OE) or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts that we have trusted since we opened in 1993. In some cases, we recommend a performance alternative part that we have found works better, or resolves a design flaw, with the original. So you get top quality parts, first-rate service , and unbeatable expertise .

5,000 Mile Oil Service
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  • engine oil change with filter, using OE BMW-Castrol 10W60 oil
  • replace drain bolt crush washer
  • reset oil service/maintenance light
  • inspect and top off any other fluids
Annual Service
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  • air filter cleaning or replacement
  • A/C cabin microfilter replacement
  • brake fluid flush/bleeding
  • top off power steering fluid
  • engine oil analysis (to check for internal engine wear)
  • DCT transmission filter replacement (BMW recommends every 3rd oil change)
  • wiper blade replacement
  • lubricate door hinges and treat rubber door seals
  • inspect or replace emergency tire repair kit
  • inspect belts for cracking or stretching
  • inspect intake boots and vacuum lines for cracks
  • inspect brake system for pad wear, rotor wear, parking brake operation, and brake pedal pressure
  • inspect bushing and ball joints for excess play/movement
  • ensure the cooling systems are functioning correctly (hoses and thermostat, thermostat housing, auxiliary fan, A/C system, etc)
40,000 Mile Major Service
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  • engine oil change with filter, using OE BMW-Castrol 10W60 oil
  • reset oil service/maintenance light
  • air filter replacement or cleaning for aFe/K&N type
  • fill and bleed cooling system
  • transmission fluid and filter change
  • differential fluid change, using Red Line 75/140 or Motul GearComp 75/140
  • brake fluid flush/bleeding
  • spark plug replacement
  • valve cover gasket replacement
  • engine and A/C serpentine belt replacement
  • inspect belt roller pulleys (drag and rotation), main accessory pulleys (cracking), and belt tensioners
  • complete chassis inspection, including: front control arms, tie rods, ball joints, wheel bearings, rear trailing arm bushings, rear upper shock mounts, rear subframe mounts, rear sway bar mounting tabs, axle shaft boots
  • complete brake system test and inspection
  • engine and transmission leak detection and diagnosis
  • shifter linkage, driveshaft guibo, CV, and center support bearing inspection
  • exhast system inspection, including hanger replacement

This package fits the following BMWs:
2008-2011 E90 BMW M3 - Sedan
2008-2013 E92 BMW M3 - Coupe
2008-2013 E93 BMW M3 - Convertible

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Part #: TMS14374
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Turner Magnetic Fender Cover

Protect your finish when working under the hood with a high quality Turner fender cover. Made from a synthetic leather layer with a goose flannelette backing for durability and protection. The Turner fender cover holds a tight grip to your fender or core support with four 9.5" magnets sewn into the top layer.



  • Durable synthetic leather with the Turner logo
  • Soft goose flannelette backing
  • Four 9.5" integrated magnets



  •  Extra Long 20" x 47"
Part #: 019744TMS01A
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