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BMW Mixed Street Track Pads

"Mixed use" street/track pads are also known as beginner's pads. They are intended for rookie and first-time track drivers who know that their normal street pads will not hold up in prolonged track environments. The biggest enemy to brakes on a track is heat. Working a pad beyond its temperature range will lead to a loss of performance - aka brake fade. Using a pad with higher metallic and/or ceramic content will improve its resistance to fade at higher temperatures, but at a cost. Unlike strictly-street pads, mixed-use pads need some heat in them to work effectively. Therefore, they are not the best for regular street use. Metallic pads also tend to squeal and produce large amounts of dust. On the other hand, these are not all-out race pads and some fade on the track may occur. If you are experiencing fade with these pads it would be an indication to move up to an all-out race pad and get a brake cooling kit. Street-track pads will be fairly easy on rotors and have long life when kept within their operating temps. These generally also work great as an autocross pad.

Examples of Mixed Street/Track pads we sell are: Hawk HP Plus, Pagid S Sport Pads


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Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads - Front - E9X 335, E9X M3
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Part#: TMS2001
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Hawk's HP Plus pads fill the need for a "dual-purpose" pad - offering acceptable street performance that also holds up well on the racetrack. The beauty of these pads is that you can put them on at home or your shop and use them to drive to and from the track, with a full day of on-track driving in between. While these track pads actually do work on the street, noticeable increases in noise, dust, and brake wear are to be expected. These pads are great for the weekend track junkie who wants exceptional street performance while also having a capable pad on the track.