COBB Tuning Intercooler Charge Pipe - E82/E9X 135/335 N54

All of the tuning in the world is only as good as the weakest link. More boost in your 135/335 is great! But you will soon learn that some of the factory hardware is not up to the task of handling that extra pressure. One of the first things to fail and cause a boost leak are the factory boost diverter valves. This allows boost to "leak" out of the intake stream and a loss of power from the engine. Cobb has produced this aluminum 3" chargepipe upgrade. This aluminum chargepipe is also much more robust than the stock plastic factory pipe and the connection to the throttle body is stronger, eliminating another failure point of the stock pipe.

This is a complete kit that includes everything you need -

  • powdercoat chargepipe
  • silicone hose connection to intercooler piping
  • all hardware and hose clamps with instructions
T#: 379069 | Part#: 7B1210
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COBB Tuning Intercooler Charge Pipe - E82/E9X 135/335 N54