E36 M3 Front Bumper Spoiler Molding - "BMW"

For those E36 M3 owners who are lucky enough not to require a front license plate this molding strip is a must-have. This front trim moulding is the Genuine BMW bumper molding for E36 M3 front bumper without any license plate holes. It's a clean, smooth finish (no holes). Essential for that clean appearance. It simply snaps into place on the front spoiler and replaces the stock one. Fits only the original E36 M3 bumper and replica M3 bumpers.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1995-1999 E36 BMW M3 (or M3 bumper)
T#: 8335 | Part#: 51112233378
Part#: 51-11-2-233-378
Part#: 51 11 2 233 378
43.98 $43.98
E36 M3 Front Bumper Spoiler Molding - "BMW"