H&R BMW Suspension Parts for BMW E10 2002tii M15 2.0L

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Your BMW's handling is determined by the capabilities and age of your suspension components. Our selected aftermarket performance suspension like coilovers, lowering springs, cup kits, and dampers can improve the handling of your BMW dramatically. With those upgrades comes the needs for proper adjustment; our recommended supporting modifications comes stiffer sway bars, bushings, and adjustable camber/caster plates, to name a few found on this page. Completely build your suspension for the most competitive BMW driving experience, achieve your perfect look, or simply replace your worn suspension with our recommended parts.


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Spring Joiner / Spring Locating Ring - Single
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Part#: ZT-I-X002A01
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This aluminum spring seat fits between upper and lower 60mm springs to "join" them together. Typically you would have a main spring on top and a tender or helper spring on the bottom (or vice-versa). The spring joiner, or locator ring, fits between the springs with a retaining lip on the inside. We like this design better than an outside spring joiner