BMW Coilovers for Street Use for BMW E92 M3 S65 4.0L

Clear BMW chassis
There are several coilover options on the market - while a lot of this decision boils down to preference, we categorize coilovers as aEURoestreetaEUR based on price and comfort level. Coilovers in our street category will be comfortable enough to use on your daily driver, but perform well enough to handle occasional autocross days and light track use. These coilovers also won't break the bank. However, many of the options we have under street coilovers share many of the same features as our track coilovers, they often just utilize less durable materials and won't hold up as well to torcher testing.
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BC Racing Rear Damping Adjustment Extenders - BR Type
BC Racing - Corporate Logo
Part#: DMP-EXT
Inventory On Order, ETA Sep 30, 2021
Free Shipping
Free Shipping
The rear damping adjuster on coilovers is usually hidden under a bunch of hard to reach interior panels requiring you to remove carpet, panels and sometimes even the rear seat back in order to adjust the dampening on your BC rear coilovers. The BC Racing rear extender adjuster allow you to make these adjustments without removing the rear interior. Simple make two small holes in the interior above the adjuster and the extension can be passed through the interior panels. Now the adjustments can be performed from above.
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Macht Schnell EDC Emulation Module
Macht Schnell - Corporate Logo
Part#: TMS5351
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For those wanting to move away from EDC for aftermarket suspension systems or coilover setups, the EDC monitoring can be a bit obtrusive as this type of monitoring is no longer required – resulting in numerous error messages thinking the system has malfunctioned. This EDC Emulation Module installs in less than 15 minutes and will fully emulate a fully active EDC environment when activated. Module can be activated/deactivated by via the integrated mini USB port within the module housing.

The Macht Schnell EDC Emulation Module is possible of the following features:
  • The ability to run aftermarket racing suspension/coilover setups in which EDC monitoring is not required
  • Compatible with iDrive and non-iDrive systems
  • Easy 15-minute installation process with no wire cutting
  • Proper emulation of the EDC monitoring system
  • No dealer visits or coding required after installation
  • Completely removable at any time

    Note: The Macht Schnell EDC Emulation Module will disable the EDC monitoring system supplied by BMW. Once disabled the behavior of the car will change and the driver will need to adjust his/her skill and technique. For this reason, this module is not intended for street vehicles and its use may result in injury or even death if proper conditions and procedures are not followed.
    Will not work on vehicles equiped with BMW's Dynamic Drive system.

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    2008-2011 E90 BMW M3 Sedan
    2008-2013 E92 BMW M3 Coupe
    2008-2013 E93 BMW M3 Convertible
    2006-2010 E60 BMW M5
    2006-2011 E63 BMW M6
    2007-2013 E70 BMW X5 3.0si X5 4.8i X5 xDrive30i X5 xDrive35d X5 xDrive35i X5 xDrive48i
    2008+ E71 BMW X6 xDrive35i X6 xDrive50i
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    ISC Suspension 370mm Coilover Cover Pair - BMW & MINI
    ISC Suspension - Corporate Logo
    Part#: ISC370MMCOVERS
    In Stock
    Free Shipping
    ISC Suspension Coilover Covers are specifically designed to protect your coilovers from the elements and increase the lifespan of the suspension components. The 3mm neoprene material these are constructed of keep out sand, dirt, and salt and keep out water that would all otherwise cause rust and damage to the threads, seals, and any exposed metal components.
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    BC Racing BR Series Coilover Suspension Kit - E90/2 M3 (with EDC)
    BC Racing - Corporate Logo
    Part#: I-13-BR
    In Stock
    Free Shipping

    Looking for coilovers that will provide reliability on street driven vehicles but are also capable of feeding your weekend track demon's desire for performance? BC Racing's BR Series coilover kit may be just the thing for you.

    BR Series coilovers are the most popular and versatile option offered by BC racing, offering features such as 30-level dampening adjustment (simultaneous compression and rebound control), linear springs where possible, and a minimum of 2 inches ride height drop. To ensure performance, comfort, and quality, all BR Series kits are Dyno tested during the design stage to determine the best valving and spring rates, then installed and tested for a minimum of 6 months. This kit features mounts and brackets that are fully compatible with all stock mounting points and components.

    The upper shock/strut mounts are all constructed of 6061-T6 Aluminum for strength and weight savings. BC Racing design 1 of 3 types of upper mounts for each vehicle: Caster/Camber Plates (+/- 3* camber), Camber Plates (+/- 3* camber), and Rubber Mount Plates (NVH reduction). The included mount option for this kit is shown in the kit specs and features below.

    Lower shock mounts are powder coated for corrosion protection and constructed of either 6061-T6 aluminum that has been milled from a single piece (fork or bolt eye mount) or of STKM13C steel with all brackets welded robotically.

    The included springs come in one of 3 styles: linear, S-barrel, and V-barrel. Linear springs are used in most applications unless limited by the OE design that does not allow the use of linear springs. All spring options are made from SAE9254 steel and have a zinc coating applied under the powder coating for increased spring corrosion protection and long term reliability.

    All shock bodies used in the BR Series coilovers use a 53mm shock body (unless noted otherwise) for added strength, performance, and increased fluid capacity. All shocks are then powder coated black chrome for clean styling and corrosion protection.

    Specs and Features:

    • 7k Front & 14k Rear Spring Rate
    • S-Barrel front & Linear rear springs
    • Valved specifically to spring style and rate
    • Camber Plate Front Mounts
    • Aluminum and Rubber Rear Mounts
    • Black Powder Coated Components
    • All OE style brackets and mounting for perfect fit
    • 30 Levels of Simultaneous Compression and Rebound Dampening
    • 2 inch minimum and 3+ Inches of total potential drop
    • Great for Track, Street, and any other conditions
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    E9X M3 Bilstein PSS10 Coil Over Suspension
    E9X M3 Bilstein PSS10 Coil Over Suspension
    Vehicles with EDC require ES2681169 for use
    Bilstein - Corporate Logo
    Part#: 48-145701
    Direct Ship, Expected Ship Date: Sep 30, 2021
    The Bilstein B16 system puts you in complete control, providing the kind of precise suspension tuning formerly available only on race cars. From a weekend of competition to daily driving, this system provides perfect handling performance for every situation.
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    Ohlins Road And Track DFV Coilovers - E9X M3
    Ohlins - Corporate Logo
    Part#: BMSMI40OH
    Direct Ship, Expected Ship Date: Sep 30, 2021
    Starting at $2,590.00
    Starting at $2,590.00

    Ohlins Racing has a long history dating back to 1976 of providing premium motorcycle and automotive suspension systems to numerous racing teams, individual racers, and OE brands such as BMW Motorsport, Audi, Lamborghini. Pagani, Ducati and Kawasaki. Over time, thanks to extensive R&D, testing, and tuning, their products have evolved into some of the highest quality suspension systems in the world, providing years of flawless operation on both the street and the track.

    Ohlins' latest automotive suspension system, the DFV (Dual Flow Valve) Road and Track Coilover Kit, has bridged the gap between comfortable stock suspension and track focused coilover kits. These kits provide a ride that glides over typical bumps and dips in the road, all without the typical hard rattle and harsh feel of usual coilovers, and turn in tight and maintain tire grip and traction in corners significantly better than stock suspension ever could. This is all thanks to the spring rate chosen and Ohlins and their signature Dual Flow Valve. The DFV maintains comfort and agility by giving the same characteristics for both rebound and compression, allowing the wheel and tire to maintain constant contact with the road/track for maximum control.

    The Dual Flow Valve works by controlling shock fluid flow based on resistance and impact velocity. This is controlled in both compression and rebound, giving the quick shock operation that helps maintain traction. At low shaft travel speeds, oil flows mostly through the shaft jet bleed. At higher shaft speeds, oil flows mostly through the compression/rebound ports in the piston. At very high shaft speeds, or during sudden accelerations from potholes or large bumps in the road, oil can then escape through the ports in the DFV, absorbing a large amount of energy that would otherwise throw off the balance and control of the vehicle and keeping the tire planted firmly on the ground. With all three compression and rebound ports working together according to pressure and shaft speed, the result is the notorious premium suspension feel that only Ohlins can offer.

    In addition to managing the rebound and compression control, coilovers must also properly address heat changes in the shock oil. As the shock is pushed harder and longer, the oil quickly heats up due to friction and compression, and the oils flow characteristics change. The hotter the oil is, the easier it is for it to travel through ports and valves. To prevent this typical fade in control, Ohlins has implemented a temperature controlled needle bleed valve system that will expand as temperatures rise, slowly increasing restriction in the fluids flow through the valve gap. This produces a consistent dampening rate that maintains the vehicle's suspension characteristics lap after lap, turn after turn, no matter how hard you push your suspension's capabilities.


    • DFV (Dual Flow Valve)
    • Adjustable ride-height
    • Fully rebuildable
    • Corrosion salt spray tested (ISO 9227)
    • Includes hardware and installation instructions
    • 2 year Limited Warranty


    • Front Spring Rating: 343 lbs/in  ( 6 kg/mm)
    • Rear Spring Rating: 686 lbs/in  ( 12 kg/mm)

    *Now available are optional EDC Cancellation Modules that will prevent any lights or issues with suspension control systems. Turner Motorsport recommends purchasing these in addition to the suspension kit to get the most out of your Ohlins suspension system.

    Find installation instructions HERE.
    Find owner's manual HERE.

    Fits the following BMWs:
    2008-2013 E9X BMW M3

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    E90/E92 M3 KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit
    KW Suspension - Corporate Logo
    Part#: 25320057
    In Stock
    Free Shipping
    H.A.S - Height Adjustable Spring Kit

    KW H.A.S - Height Adjustable Spring kits are a great alternative to conventional springs. You can adjust the height of your vehicle with the KW height adjuster. These kits are ideal for cars with either stock type shocks or the factory EDC - Electronic Damping Control - shocks, as the factory EDC system is retained. This lowering solution from KW optimizes the dynamic performance and steering behavior while still using the factory EDC system. This kit contains vehicle specific adjustable spring seats with adjusting KW lowering springs. This complete conversion allows an individual adjustable lowering solution.

  • Individual height adjustability
  • Works with EDC and Non-EDC suspension.
  • Improved looks and vehicle dynamics
  • Optimal Performance
  • Better steering
  • Lifetime warranty!

    Installation Instructions

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    2006-2012 E90 BMW M3 - Sedan
    2007-2013 E92 BMW M3 - Coupe
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