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BMW E92 Underdrive Power Pulleys

BMW E92 Underdrive Power Pulleys Reduce parasitic loss of power on your BMW's engine by safely under driving the belt driven auxiliary systems. Reducing this drag on your engine results in MORE HORSEPOWER AND TORQUE to the wheels of your BMW. Our BMW underdrive power pulley kits are specifically designed for each BMW application to make the best power while maintaining stock driveability and reliability, eliminating potential downsides. Others may advertise "their" pulleys boasting more power, but we concluded that for street and track driven BMWs, ours are the best size and design to ensure both your engine and it's belt-driven systems (alternator, water pump, power steering etc) are well within safe operation. We run these under drive pulleys on our own BMWs, so we would not want them any other way.
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Turner Motorsport Power Pulley Kit - E90/E92/E93 M3

Get MORE HORSEPOWER and TORQUE on your 2008, 2009 and newer M3 coupe, sedan or convertible by replacing the stock crank pulley with this specially designed performance version. The Power Pulley reduces rotational mass and safely under drives your belt driven auxiliaries for reduced parasitic power loss. The end result: More power to your M3's rear wheels! Designed to give the best performance benefit with no sacrifices or compromises to your BMW's reliability. These have been tested on hundreds of cars before public release and there are simply NO DOWNSIDES to this upgrade.

CNC machined using aircraft grade 6061 aluminum billet, and anodized with a stealthy black coating. Others may advertise "their" crank pulley boasting higher numbers (using a smaller pulley profile), but we have concluded that for street and track driven M3s, this is the best size and design to ensure proper engine temp and auxiliary functionality. As the S65 M3 V8 engine doesn't use a traditional harmonic balancer, all factory harmonics and dampening are fully and properly retained. We've found this pulley alone adds 10 to 14 HP and 7 to 9 Ft/lbs Torque on a stock M3 with no other mods(!!).

The E9x M3 Power Pulley Kit includes:
(1) Underdrive Crank Pulley
(1) Correctly Sized Drive Belt
(6) Allen Head Bolts
(1) Installation instructions

Fits the following BMWs:
2008+ E90/E92/E93 M3 6 Speed Manual Transmission
2008+ E90/E92/E93 M3 DCT Double Clutch Transmission

This kit uses readily-available, off-the-shelf belts - no difficult to find belts here! When you're ready for new belts, sets for 2008 manual transmission vehicles can be found here, and 2009+ manual transmission and all DCT vehicles can be found here

Please select the year/transmission of your M3 (below) so that we may send you the proper parts for your application. There are specific kits for 2008 vs 2009+ model years, as well as manual transmission versus DCT sequential gearboxes. Choose below.

Turner Motorsport
Part #: TMS1805
Price: $359.95 (USD) 
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E9X M3 Dinan Underdrive Pulley Kit

This underdrive crankshaft pulley frees up horsepower and torque by slowing down the engine-mounted accessories. Your stock pulley/belt setup is designed to work more than it needs. Accessories such as the water pump, power steering pump, and alternator are working more than they need to. By backing down the work they do you can restore that lost horsepower and still maintain safe operating levels of each. This underdrive pulley has been carefully engineered to make more horsepower and still leave you with a safe buffer. Dinan has performed extensive testing to ensure cooling and charging systems remain fully functional, even in extreme heat. The underdrive pulley on the S65 releases 11hp and 7ft-lbs of torque back into the engine.|
For over 35 years, Dinan has been America's premier tuning company, pioneering advancements in BMW modification using their “total package” approach that focuses on balanced performance while preserving the original character and driving feel that a BMW offers. When you install a Dinan part on your car, know that it's not only carefully developed and tested, but that Dinan stands behind it with a four year, 50,000-mile warranty.

BMW changed the pulley and belt design midway through 2008. Select your appropriate production date from the options below.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2008-2013 E90 E92 E93 BMW M3 Sedan, Coupe, Convertible

Part #: E9XM3-D560
Price: $369.77 (USD) 
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