BMW Tools & Specialty Equipment for BMW 3 Series E92 (2007-2013)

Clear BMW chassis
Performing certain maintenance and adjustments on your BMW is often a hassle or impossible without the proper tools. The difference between an enthusiast and an owner is the determination to get the job done on our own cars for pure satisfaction and to strengthen the bonds we share. All the specific tools you need to get the job done right, from fan clutch tools, cam alignment tools, and steering rack alignment tools, to coilover adjustment spanners, diagnostic equipment, and more have all been selected by our experts to help maintain your BMW.

Schwaben Professional Scan Tool For Most BMWs and MINI Coopers
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The BMW Service Engine Soon (aka Check Engine Light) has thousands of different meanings. Everything from low coolant messages, engine misfires, transmission temperatures, light bulb failures, brake pad replacement, and so much more. The sophisticated electronics are throughout the car. Isn't it time for a BMW scan tool that can keep up with all of your DIY needs? We think we've found the one - the DIY BMW diagnostic tool that trumps them all. The Schwaben BMW scan tool.

Not all diagnostic scan tools are the same. The cheap ones you find at catalog outlet stores are generic and give you generic information (sometimes not even that). BMW actually has very specialized diagnostic systems that they only share with dealers. The factory diagnostic tools require specialized programs on dedicated laptops that are a pain for the average DIYer to set up and use. The Schwaben BMW diagnostic tool is designed specifically for BMW and MINI. It's not generic and packs some serious features in its small case. We've used this in our service department and were very impressed with the depth of its capabilities. It has features that only the factory ISTA/INPA programs have. Below is a partial list of its prime features -

  • Works on BMW models from 1987-current*; Works on MINI models from 2002-current*
  • Compatible with global OBDII / EOBD standards
  • Reads and clears codes and turns off SES/CEL/MIL/DTC (BMW Powertrain codes, Chassis codes, Body codes, and CAN codes)
  • Special troubleshooting functions to walk you through codes (like the BMW Test Plan)
  • Check and activate electronic components like switches, relays, and actuators
  • Records live sensor data
  • Provides live data graphing
  • Merges graphs for easy and intuitive diagnosis
  • Displays freeze frame data
  • Create a custom data stream
  • Reads and resets most adaptations
  • Reads OBD Readiness
  • Does active tests on systems and components*
  • Performs special functions, coding, security access*
  • Code and program replacement control units
  • Supports all 10 OBDII test modes
  • Resets oil service light
  • Sets inspection 1, 2 service intervals (manual or automatic)
  • Sets inspection mileage
  • Deactivates and reactivates brake control system
  • Retracts calipers for brake pad replacement on newer models
  • Initializes the wear indicator if new pads installed
  • Diagnoses Electronic Parking Brake caliper functionality
  • Multilingual menu options and code definitions
  • Memory card for data backup and software update
  • Print feature
  • Large TFT color screen and menu-driven operations
  • Free life time updates

*Certain functions may be limited due to the requirement of a special factory access code or tools. While versatile, this scan tool covers a wide range of BMW models and platforms and it cannot be a catch-all tool for every job. Some functions may not be available but will be reviewed in future updates.

Note: Microsoft PC required for updates. You will need to register your scan tool in order to receive update notices via e-mail.

Vehicles with 20 pin under hood connector will require the separate adapter for use. Click here for link.

Turner Motorsport Brake Bleeder Bottle with Check Valve - Simple Bleed
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This is the new evolution of our popular Brake Bleeder Bottle. The latest design features a one-way check valve inside the bottle that is operated when you pump the brakes. This is a more economical and simpler system than other "1 man bleeding" kits - no modification to your brake system and you only have to buy the one bottle. The newest bottles also include upgraded caps and fittings for a tighter seal.

The one-way check valve is extremely simple to use - attach the bottle and hose, open your bleed screw, and pump your brakes from the pedal. The check valve opens with each pump to let fluid and air out of the system and then seals tight when the pedal is released. The bottle uses a large magnet to conveniently stick to your brake disc while you run the hose to the caliper.

Works on just about all brake systems so no need to have specialized adapters or bleed screws.
Schwaben 11mm Brake Bleeder Wrench
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Finally, a bleeder wrench with just the right angle to open the bleeder screw without having to spend all that time removing each wheel from your car.

Turner Magnetic Fender Cover
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Part#: 019744TMS01A
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Protect your finish when working under the hood with a high quality Turner fender cover. Made from a synthetic leather layer with a goose flannelette backing for durability and protection. The Turner fender cover holds a tight grip to your fender or core support with four 9.5" magnets sewn into the top layer.



  • Durable synthetic leather with the Turner logo
  • Soft goose flannelette backing
  • Four 9.5" integrated magnets



  •  Extra Long 20" x 47"

Genuine BMW Oil Filter Cap Removal Tool - N20 2.0L, N52 N54 N55 3.0L
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Part#: 83300493936
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This is a Genuine BMW tool directly from the manufacturer designed to make your next oil service much more pleasant. Fitting perfectly over the oil filter cover, you can easily remove the cap for the filter and install the new unit. Prevents damage to the oil filter housing or cap as it grips tightly and securely.
Schwaben 3-Liter European Pressure Brake Bleeder
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Part#: 007237SCH01A
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We know bleeding brake alone is not only no fun, but much more complicated than it needs to be. Having a pressure bleeder give you the ability to keep pressure on the brake system while you go under and crack open the bleeder screws to relieve the air pockets.



  • Holds a full 3-Liters ( 3.17 qts) of brake fluid
  • Easy to read 0-30 lbs pressure gauge built into the tank top
  • Pressure relief valve for safe release of pressure
  • 40" hose with detachable swivel fitting
  • Do not  exceed 20 PSI
  • One-year warranty

Aluminum Jack Pad Adapter for E46/E9X Jack Pads
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Part#: ECS10721
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Your floor jack is universal but it doesn't have to be with this adapter! Most newer BMW jack pads have an open recess inside that this adapter fits into. It's a rectangular peg for a rectangular hole. This gives the jack a much more rigid connection and almost impossible for the jack or pad to slip. You will never have to worry about scratching your rocker panels or jacking from the wrong spot - the positive connection ensures you are always lifting from the correct location. This adapter is one of those small hidden gems that you can't live without! 

Made of black anodized aluminum for added strength and corrosion resistance, the adapter fits the head of most hydraulic floor jacks, including the Schwaben Low Boy.

Compatible with most BMW jack pads for chassis E39 and up. Retrofitting jack pads is common, especially on E36/Z3 models.

Schwaben 3-Liter Premium European Brake Bleeder
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Part#: 007237SCH01AKTKT
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This Premium European Brake bleeder features a Heavy-Duty aluminum master cylinder cap adapter for extra long life. Complete with the Schwaben quick couple fitting that can be used on most European cars.

Holds a full 3-Liters ( 3.17 qts) of brake fluid. Easy to read 0-30 lbs pressure gauge built into the tank top. The filling cap features a pressure relief valve for safe release of pressure. A full 40" hose with detachable swivel fitting at tank, allowing for complete disassembly and quick easy cleanup.There is a quality chrome quick coupler on master cylinder end of hose that snaps into master cylinder cap. This feature will allow you to disconnect hose from screw on cap without spilling a drop of fluid.  Recommended  working pressure of 10 PSI.

Extra plastic cap also included.

Schwaben Protecta Socket Kit - 3 Pieces
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Part#: PPS-1721
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Protecta socket are used to keep ugly scratch marks from showing up after torqueing down wheel lugs.


  • Coated six-point deep-well impact sockets 
  • Color coded mar-free exterior coatings that prevent nicks and scratches left by plain metal sockets
  • 17mm, 19mm and 21mm Sockets included

Use these with your breaker bar or impact gun to remove the tightest wheel bolts and lug nuts: when reinstalling wheels, use them to final torque wheel fasteners to factory specifications.

Combine these with our torque limiting sockets and the Schwaben ½-inch torque wrench for a complete wheel fastener solution.

Schwaben Oil Storage Catch Can - 10-Liter
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Part#: POC-10
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Large capacity oil drain catch can lets you perform a mess-free oil change and dispose of your drain oil responsibly.


  • Made from rugged ABS
  • 10 liter capacity (large enough to hold two oil changes from most passenger cars and light trucks)
  • Large double handles and drain spout with screw cap
  • Fill and vent plugs have o-ring seals to prevent leakage


Schwaben Coolant Refill/Air Purge Tool
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Part#: 003466SCH01
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When it comes to BMW's we all know the weak point is commonly in the cooling system, many models proving hard to bleed the air pockets out after the refresh. The coolant refill tool solves this problem, ensuring that you get an air pocket free fill. The entire task is as simple as draining the system like normal, reinstalling the drain plugs and hooking the tool up to your refill location. The reason this tool works so well is due to the venturi valve, it converts air pressure from the compressor to vacuum inside the cooling system, then with a twist of a valve sucks coolant right into the system using the vacuum pressure.  

This tool requires access to a standard air compressor with a minimum rating of 90 PSI (6.2 bar).  A convenient, though not required part to complete the job is a container large enough to hold the entire coolant mixture capacity for your vehicle.  This will dramatically reduce the risk of any unwanted air being drawn into the system.  This tool is designed to refill the cooling system after it has been drained.


Schwaben 6.5 Liter Fluid Extractor
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Part#: 011885SCH01A
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6.5 Liter Extractor system is hand -operated for fast extraction of any type of fluid. Two different diameter extracting tubes are included to suit your particular application. Unit has a vacuum release button for quick and easy release. 


  • Flip out foot for stability whils using the extractor
  • Built in hose storage
  • 41" Main tube 3/8" OD
  • Two 35" extension tubes 1/4" and 3/16" OD ( couples to main tube).

Compact European Pressure Brake Bleeder
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Part#: 018222SCH01A
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Need to bleed your brakes in the near future? This Compact European Pressure Brake Bleeder is perfect for the job and has many features that makes the job significantly easier. It has all of the features of the Schwaben full sized brake bleeder kit.


  • 45 mm euro master cylinder adapter.
  • Hand held pump with 30 psi gauge .
  • 36" long hose on pump to bottle.
  • 22" long hose from bottle to master cylinder cap adapter.
  • Convenient hook on fluid bottle allows bottle to hang above master cylinder, out of the way.
  • Bottle has a pressure relief valve.
  • Includes 12" waste oil tube for bleeder.
  • 400cc Container