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BMW Intake Parts

One thing drivers and cars have in common is the need for air. Induction systems provide a third of the critical necessities for engines to run, so giving your BMW the best way to breathe is paramount in engine performance. If you need to replace your filter, recharge your reusable pod filter, or upgrade your intake, turbos, or intercooler parts, everything can be found below. We have OEM replacements as well as aftermarket performance upgrades to keep your BMW pristine, powerful, and functioning at peak efficiency.
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Founded in 1999, Advanced Flow Engineering (aFe) produces high flow, high performance replacement air filters and complete cold-air intake systems for BMWs. Each precision-engineered intake component and filter offers excellent design and construction, lifetime cleanable cotton filters that breathe easier than paper filters, powder-coated heat shields to block out hot engine air, and measurable performance gains resulting in increased horse power and torque. aFe's reputation is fast growing as a manufacturer and designer of quality and functional intake kits with excellent fit and finish and reasonable cost.

aFe enigneers their kits for each individual model application, even designing air filters from scratch to maximize the available surface area of the low pressure zone. They then offer their intake components in packages that fit your tastes and needs -
Replacement Performance Filter. A direct performance replacement filter for your stock air box.
Dynamic Air Scoops. Metal scoops or ducts that create a 'ram-air' effect to the intake.
Super Stock System. A performance filter combined with Dynamic Air Scoops and Throttle Body Spacer for power gains while keeping the OEM appearance.
Stage 1 Kit. A cone-filter kit with vehicle-specific heat shield and intake tubing to replace a stock airbox.
Stage 2 Kit. All of the components in a Stage 1 Kit plus additional intake tubing or ducting after the air box or air mass meter.
Sealed Intake. A Stage 1 or 2 Kit with an enclosed airbox and heat shield. The filter area is maximized inside a vehicle-specific airbox and then sealed with a cover for a OEM-type appearance.
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Supercharging is, without a doubt, the best “bang for the buck” as far as performance upgrades are concerned. Imagine the feeling of driving your M3 with an additional 50% (or more) horsepower and torque. Stomp on the gas and your BMW will respond immediately! No turbo lag, or loss of responsiveness. Just immediate gratification!

Supercharged cars drive just like a stock car on steroids! Highway gas mileage, drivability, and interior noise are virtually unaffected. Only a slight whining noise, heard only from outside the car, give away the fact that you are driving a car that will beat almost anything on the road.

Active Autowerke is the leading developer of supercharging systems for BMW's. With thousands of their supercharger systems on the road you can be assured of the quality, reliability and horsepower gains.
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Your engine can't make more power without more air. Dinan BMW intake upgrades are engineered to efficiently deliver colder, denser air into the engine. Most Dinan intakes reposition the air filter to a new location where it won't draw heat soaked air from the engine bay. Bigger diameter tubing and filters with more surface area contribute to better flow. More cooler air will make more horsepower. Each intake is specially designed for the particular model using CAD technology and features advanced materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum which also look attractive in the engine bay.

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Gruppe M carbon composite intakes join function with form to create beautiful and functional cold-air intakes and intake components. Gruppe M designs their intake systems to optimize flow in the limited space for the given application and to craft their designs from premium materials. Their kits increase horsepower by ducting cooler, denser air into the engine and save weight over bulky factory systems by employing lightweight carbon fiber and other composite materials. Gruppe M's intakes are proudly handmade using a blend of composite materials and stand out in the engine bay with beautiful carbon weave. They further engineer their systems to deliver an exotic and pleasing intake sound. GruppeM performance parts have been featured in numerous international automotive magazines, project cars, racing cars, and is regarded as the premiere aftermarket choice for air induction systems.
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The BMW Performance line of intake kits deliver power gains with exceptional engineering and good looks. BMW Performance Intakes are designed to take advantage of a larger air filter to gain more cool air for the engine. The cooler and denser air will develop more power and torque. BMW engineers this kit for a perfect fit with materials and design consistent with the rest of the engine bay. With a factory-designed performance intake you get the power gains of an aftermarket kit blended with style and engineering direct from BMW.
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Advanced Flow Engineering (aFe) makes these high performance, high flow OE air filters which replace the restrictive factory paper filter and lets your engine breathe better. These are stock replacement filters that drop in to your BMW's factory airbox system, and will increase flow to the engine, yielding more horsepower and torque.

Paper filters do a good job in keeping dirt out but can clogged easily so that it needs to be replaced frequently. aFe's performance filters are made with a washable/reusable cotton gauze which allows more airflow. aFe's filters feature a pliable progressive polyurethane seal, the deepest pleats in the industry, minimal wicking, and are factory pre-oiled with non-surfactant containing refined oil. Made in California, USA

• Pliable progressive polyurethane seal• Tight seal without gaskets or sealants
• 100% polyurethane construction• Withstands extreme engine temperatures for extended-service life
• Deepest pleats in the industry• Improved airflow, filtration, and dust-holding capacity
• Minimal wicking• Larger filtration area for more airflow
• Factory pre-oiled with non-surfactant containing refined oil• Will not damage sensitive electronic sensors
• Washable/reusable cotton gauze media• The last filter you will buy for your vehicle
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This is absolutely the least expensive and easiest way to improve horsepower and extend the life of your air filter! The sandwiched layers of cotton gauze, specially treated with K&N air filter oil, provides five times more filtering surface over the element circumference. This serves to smooth incoming air flow while reducing intake restriction and thereby boosting horsepower. K&N Performance Air Filters come pre-oiled for easy installation and with K&N's famous 1,000,000 mile warranty. K&N filters are easy to clean: wash with cold water every year and re-oil it every two years for a lifetime of performance.
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We have replacement conical air filters available for many BMW Cold Air Intake kits by aFe, Eurosport/Conforti, and the factory BMW Performance intakes. Nearly all cone-style air filters are designed to be reuseable by cleaning them on a regular basis. But there are times when replacing the filter is the only option and here you will find replacement cone air filters for the intakes we sell. It might also be a good idea to have a second filter on hand. That way you can have a clean, fresh filter always ready to go or in case the original is lost or damaged.

On aFe intake kits there were two different types of filters offered - a dry paper-type and a oiled cotton style. The filters are interchangeable in their kits so you can choose either type. Paper style filters can be cleaned but do not offer as much performance gain. Oiled filters will need more maintenance and periodic re-oiling to keep it fully functional. We like to recommend having a dry and oil filter on hand - use the dry filter while the oiled one is being serviced.

For proper cleaning techniques for cone filters, check out these links on our site:
Link: aFe Filter Cleaning Instructions
Link: Conforti/Eurosport ITG Filter Cleaning Instructions
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Cone filter and cold-air intake kits flow great amounts of air through their cotton or foam filters. But to keep contaminants, dirt, debris, and dust out of the engine the filter must be oiled. The oil helps grab the finer particles and prevents them from entering the engine. The oil also works to keep the filter material pliable because a dry filter will eventually crack and break apart. Cone filters must also be cleaned at least once a year. If it's full of debris or an oily sludge it will not flow nearly as much air and any power gains you had will be significantly reduced.
Air filters must be cleaned with their own proprietary brands of cleaner. Mixing cleaning and re-oiling agents is not recommended by each filter manufacturer.
aFe filter cleaning: click here.
K&N filter cleaning: click here.
ITG filter cleaning:
click here.

Any time you take the filter out for cleaning you should also clean the film in your HFM / mass air sensor (if equipped).
On some BMW engines changing the intake manifold to one from a different engine can yield HUGE power gains in the upper RPM range. The upgraded manifolds have larger intake runners and altered intake runner paths that benefit power in the higher RPM. The upgraded manifolds are BMW factory parts so the final install looks just like it would have had the car been born that way. We sell complete intake manifold upgrades that are direct bolt-ons to the engine. In most cases special software is included or required. The software helps to minimize low end torque losses and take advantage of the higher airflow at high RPM with revised camshaft timing and fuel maps.
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The intake manifold takes incoming air from the intake and distributes it to each cylinder. Over the years the manifolds have gotten more sophisticated and complex. Most of the additional work that it does is emissions-related - recirculating vapors back into the engine to be re-used. But there are also performance innovations such as BMW's DISA variable intake runners. All of the modern innovations have a part behind it and here you will find replacement components.

In some BMW models there are performance improvements with intake manifolds. These intake manifold upgrades use mostly BMW parts and are a direct replacement for your stock manifold. We offer manifolds and kits to make the conversion work easier.
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The new generation of BMW turbo engines suffer from both heatsoak-induced horsepower losses and boost-related stress and pressure failures. The plastic components can be a problem even at stock boost levels. When modifying the car and increasing boost, installing an upgraded intercooler is essential to keep temperatures down and minimize pressure loss. Another area that also needs attention is the stock chargepipe and diverter valve. When more boost is added these areas have proven to be the first to show problems. If the diverter valves fail, you lose precious boost and horsepower, rendering your upgrade worthless. Our products are designed to be stronger and more durable than the factory components to a) keep your boost levels where you want, and b) protect other internal turbo-related components from boost damage.
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We sell OEM air mass sensors, air flow meters, and HFMs (Hot Film Meter) for many BMWs. When the mass air sensor is bad you will notice your engine running out of tune. Your fuel mileage will suffer, throttle response will be poor, and you will notice a lack of power.

There should be a Check Engine Light to alert you that the air sensor is having problems. However, there may not be a fault code for the air meter itself. Often times the code comes up as fuel trim or lean condition. In these cases the air sensor could be just one of a number of potential problems.

We only sell air sensors from Original Equipment Manufacturers like, Bosch, VDO, and Siemens. Please note that HFMs are an electrical part and cannot be returned for refund.
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The intake boot provides a pathway for air from the air flow sensor to the intake manifold. On most BMWs the boot is made of rubber with an accordian shape that allows the engine to shift and vibrate. As with any rubber component the rubber can dry out and crack and that can lead to serious running and drivability issues. A crack in the boot means that air is entering the engine that is not being monitored by the airflow sensor. The engine computer relies on data from the airflow sensor to set the fuel mixture in the engine. Excess unmetered air can result in lean condition faults, rough running, misfires, and other performance issues. For misfire and lean condition faults, check your intake boots first.

As an alternative to the original rubber, we also offer silicone boots that are both stronger and last longer with a 4-layer silicone design. Samco silicone boots can also decrease your BMW's intake turbulence and restriction by replacing the accordian design with a smoothed internal surface. Samco boots are also perfect as part of a kit to eliminate the factory traction control system (sometimes called an ASC delete boot).
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We carry a variety of parts related to BMW throttle bodies and throttle body upgrades. Modern BMWs have electronic throttles that need replacement rather than repair. A malfunctioning unit can disable the car so it's important to pay attention to any fault codes related to the "EML" system. Older mechanical throttles are much more reliable and less prone to any issues. Replacement of any throttle housing is easy and straightforward.

Larger throttle bodies have been advertised for years as a performance upgrade. On their own they will not make any power difference. But combined with other upgrades, such as larger mass air sensors and intakes, they can contribute to power gains. However, we do not currently sell larger throttle bodies. We do offer adapter plates to mount different throttle housings onto your intake manifold. This is most commonly done along with a stand-alone engine management system with or without drive-by-wire control.
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Turner Motorsport carries a variety of intake components that fill specific needs and are designed for singular purposes.
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