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BMW Tools & Specialty Equipment


Performing certain maintenance and adjustments on your BMW is often a hassle or impossible without the proper tools. The difference between an enthusiast and an owner is the determination to get the job done on our own cars for pure satisfaction and to strengthen the bonds we share. All the specific tools you need to get the job done right, from fan clutch tools, cam alignment tools, and steering rack alignment tools, to coilover adjustment spanners, diagnostic equipment, and more have all been selected by our experts to help maintain your BMW.


Battery Chargers and Tenders

Any time you store your BMW for long periods, tune the software with a performance engine management system or are working on your car for an extended length of time, a battery tender is recommended. Battery tenders, jumper cables, battery chargers, and service tools are all listed on this page to keep your battery charged and your BMW starting every time.

Brake Tools

Servicing your own brakes is simple, but can be made impossible without all the proper tools to perform the job yourself. Bleeding tools, fluid extractors, line stopper sets, trusty Ball Peen hammers, and more are all on this page for your confident brake service. Completing the job with everything you need ahead of time makes for a painless brake service or upgrade that can be done from the comfort of your own garage or trackside with our recommended service tools.

Cooling System Tools

Service your BMW cooling system confidently with the tools trusted by professionals. Our pressure tester kit, pressure bleeder kit, and fin comb have been chosen for their effectiveness at providing complete and easy cooling system services without the hassles of hunting for leaks or spending an hour while making a mess bleeding your coolant.

Cylinder Head and VANOS Tools

If you are delving into a VANOS service, cylinder head service, timing chain service, head gasket replacement, or any timing work, having the proper tools are completely required. Precise digital torque wrenches, locking tools, alignment gauges, and all the necessary tools for servicing your BMW engine are listed on this page. Complete the job with the tools chosen by professionals to service your BMW the proper way.

Exhaust Tools

If you are replacing crusty old exhaust components or switching to an aftermarket performance exhaust, removing your existing system may be next to impossible without some help from the proper tools. Our exhaust cutters and hanger tools are located on this page and ensure your exhaust will come out hassle-free.

Fault Code Readers and OBD Scan Tools

OBDII BMWs can tell owners almost anytime something is going on with a system function, but the proper tools are required. Turner Motorsport recommends all serious owners and at-home mechanics keep a scan tool and code clearing devices around to make short work of problems and complete services entirely that require system resets. All scan tools, code readers, and reset tools are located on this page.

Fuel System Tools

Service your BMW fuel system correctly with the recommended tools for the job. Our offered O-Ring tools and other specialty service equipment are gathered on this page for you to confidently tackle your fuel system maintenance or modification.

Genuine BMW Tool Kits

A sure sign of a well-sorted BMW is the presence of all factory tools in the factory tool kit. We have all the OEM service tools for your BMW here to replace those lost, broken, or otherwise unusable factory tools to complete your car and keep it running strong.

Hand Tools

In addition to offering specialty BMW tools, Turner Motorsport also carries a full line of general hand tools so that you can make your garage an all-encompassing maintenance battle station.

Oil Service Tools

The oil change is one of the simplest and easiest jobs a BMW owner can tackle at home, but why not make it as easy as possible? Whether you are at home or on the track, having ramps, low profile jacks, fluid extractors, and other service tools make the job as fast as possible and handled like the professionals. You can spend less time on basic maintenance and more time behind the wheel with our recommended tools and equipment found on this page.

Suspension Tools

In overhauling or maintaining the suspension on your BMW, there are often specialty suspension tools that can simplify your life. Here at Turner, we stock these so that you can get your BMW back on the road faster.

Transmission and Differential Tools

Servicing your transmission, differential, or mounts can be an involved, but necessary, process. Confidently approach your next service with all the tools you would need to complete the job successfully with our recommended service tools and equipment. You can find all transmission and differential service equipment for your next job on this page.

Trim Removal Tools

Trim removal tools make it easier to remove BMW plastic trims without breaking them and having to pay for expensive replacement pieces.

Vehicle Lifts, Jacks, and Ramps

Quick Jack lifting equipment turns wherever you are into a competent repair shop. Their portable lifting solutions make raising your BMW effortless at home or on the track. Stop fiddling with ramps, floor jacks, and jack stands and start lifting your car with ease. All Quick Jack lifting products are located on this page to start making BMW service simple and easy.

Wheel Tools and Storage

BMWs did not feature wheel studs from the factory. Instead, their lug design makes changing wheels a pain. For easy wheel installation or for testing spacer fitment, our wheel hangars bolt up to the hub and allow quick installation of the wheel without any hassle. Anyone who changes wheels frequently can benefit from these wheel hangars and wheel storage racks to save space and time.

Workshop Tools and Chemicals

The garage is only as comfortable as what is inside. Our workshop chemicals, stools, gloves, fluid extractors, and other convenience tools are ready to transform any workspace into the perfect sanctuary for automotive enthusiasts. This page contains our recommended shop equipment and supplies for easily diagnosing and working on your car comfortably and easily