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Your BMW's steering feel is likely one of the many reasons you chose to drive a BMW. Despite them switching to electronic power steering after E9x, we love the connection to the road every BMW provides. We have everything you need to service your BMW's steering system, from quicker ratio steering racks for the trackday warrior to upgraded factory steering wheels for your daily driver.


CV Boots

The best part about BMWs is driving them. With the miles comes maintenance, and CV boots are no exception. We offer Genuine BMW and several OE suppliers for you to replace your CV boots.

Power Steering Cooler

If your power steering fluid gets too warm, it could wear out your rack at a quickened rate. We recommend making sure your power steering cooler is functioning before torcher testing your BMW.

Power Steering Fluid

Keeping the power steering systems fluid level properly filled not only makes driving easier but it extends the life of the system dramatically. Always be sure to flush and refill the system according to your BMWs maintenance schedule.

Power Steering Lines

We offer several OE brands and Genuine BMW power steering lines / hoses. If you spotted a power steering leak under your vehicle, it is likely that one of the lines on your BMW is leaking at the fitting.

Power Steering Pumps

If your power steering pump is going out, your car will be stiff and harder to maneuver especially at low speeds. We recommend replacing your pump as soon as symptoms arise to avoid complications in the rest of your steering system, mainly the rack, caused by lack of fluid and presssure.

Power Steering Reservoir

BMW's power steering reservoirs are prone to leaking and cracking, due to their plastic construction. Often times, your new power steering reservoir will include a filter as well, which may sharpen the performance of your steering system as well.

Power Steering Service Kit

If you're the type of person who likes to service complete areas of your vehicle rather than replacing problem components one at a time, we have the package for you here. Our service kits provide comprehensive, hand-picked packages of what we believe you should replace on your BMW's steering system as preventative maintenance.

Steering Angle Kits

We offer angle kits for a variety of applications. The primary purpose of angle kits is to add steering lock angle, but they also provide several ancillary benefits depending on the kit you purchase. These benefits include roll-center and bump-steer correction, quicker ratio steering, and increased track width.

Steering Rack

If you've exhausted all other options and your vehicle's power steering is still non-functional, it could be your power steering rack. We have full replacement racks and components for you to restore steering to your BMW. Additionally, if you are looking for a quicker ratio steering rack for your vehicle, you can find it here.

Steering Shaft

Slop in your steering system may be caused by your steering shaft. We have components and full replacement steering shafts available for your BMW.

Steering U-Joint

Several BMWs utilize a rubber u-joint that is notorious for failing with age. Depending on your vehicle, we often have upgraded components to strengthen your steering system and eliminate this failure prone part. Additionally, we do offer factory replacement components from OE suppliers and Genuine BMW.

Steering Wheel

Turner offers several options for replacement steering wheels. Did you make a mistake and buy a base model, non-M Sport vehicle? We've been there. Whether you're looking for an M Sport, M Performance, or racing steering wheel, we have several options at your disposal. Additionally, we know that the plastic trims on your steering wheel often age poorly. We have those available for you in our Interior section.

Tie Rods

Tie rods on aging BMWs should be replaced to avoid failure and to make your alignment guy happy. There is nothing more upsetting for an alignment tech than a seized tie rod.