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BMW Wheels - Genuine & Performance

The wheels and stance often make the look of the car complete. If your factory alloys are missing center caps, curb-rashed beyond recognition, or have been damaged, we have your replacements all picked out. For a performance-oriented driver, aftermarket alloys shed weight and offer improved aesthetics over the factory options. Space out your stance with our selection of wheel spacers, completely change the look and feel of your BMW with forged or flow-formed aftermarket alloys, or replace old wheels with factory options.
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Get the wide look without buying new wheels!
BMW leaves a lot of extra space between the tire and fender. This is amplified when lowering the ride height. By pushing the wheel out further you improve the looks and the handling at the same time! The wheels sit flush with the fender for a smoother appearance. And widening the stance will give you more stability and better handling.

Spacer sizing depends on your wheel, tire, and suspension setup. Most stock BMWs will take a 10-15mm in the front or rear. We encourage our customers to measure for wheel gap before ordering. This ensures you get the final stance and clearance you're after. Measuring is easy and only takes a few seconds - click here for tips on measuring.

Turner Motorsport is the first American BMW tuner to put engineering principles into wheel spacer design. We have set the bar for fitment, lightness, practicality, and longevity. After almost 20 years in the business we wanted a spacer with the features and tricks we always wanted, so we started with a clean sheet of paper. The market took notice and now many Turner innovations can be found on our competitor's products.

Turner Wheel Spacers are still the best!
+ Quick Release Pockets  Spacers need to be removed from time to time and it's not uncommon for them to be stuck to the hub. Most spacer companies would tell you to hammer them off with a chisel. Our spacers were the first to feature pockets on the back of the spacer so you can simply pop them off.
+ High Grade Materials  Our spacers use a very strong and lightweight aluminum compound. It also has a strong resistance to corrosion (one of the main reasons they stick to the hub). Our aluminum grade has the best combination of light weight, strength, and corrosion resistance.
+ Military-Spec Hardcoat  We take the extra steps (and cost) and hardcoat our spacers. Hardcoats are stronger than standard anodized metal. This ensures the spacer can withstand abuse and won't dull or change color over time. Turner spacers are available in anthracite grey or black.
+ Precision Machining = No Vibration  All Turner spacers are CNC machined in the USA to very tight tolerances. We guarantee a precise and correct fitment for your application so you don't have to worry about vibration. We also machine the spacer to optimize weight without affecting strength.
+ Easy Identification  We laser engrave each spacer with its part number and size for quick and easy identification. We then hardcoat over the engraving to maintain a stealthy appearance.
+ Multiple Bolt/Stud Options  We offer our wheel bolts in either factory black or bright silver. And if you track your car, we also have wheel stud and nut options.

To read more about wheel spacers, including measuring and fitment tips, check out our complete spacer page.
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Any time you use a wheel spacer you MUST have a longer wheel bolt or wheel stud to properly fasten the wheel to the hub. We offer extended wheel spacer bolts in silver and black finish in a variety of lengths to fit many spacer sizes. We're up to date on the different thread sizing as well - 12x1.5, 14x1.25, and 14x1.5 so we can supply wheel bolts for just about any BMW or MINI.

Add the spacer thickness to your stock bolt length and that is your ideal extended bolt length. We generally sell bolts by spacer thickness but there may be exceptions. It's always best to measure from the wheel bolt you're currently using. When we list the total length of a bolt it's from the base of the mounting seat to the tip. To be considered safe, a 12x1.5 wheel bolt needs 10mm (6.5 turns) of thread engaged; a 14x1.25 or 14x1.5 bolt needs 12mm (9.0 and 7.5 turns) of engaged thread.
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When it comes to all-out cornering performance, one rule applies: wider is really, truly better. H&R TRAK+ wheel spacers let you balance the handling and performance of your car to suit your aggressive driving style. Most manufacturers, even Porsche and BMW, leave 20 to 30mm of extra space between the tire and the fender to suit arcane regulations or to leave space for flapping tire chains. These light-alloy spacers push your existing wheels or even your hot, aftermarket alloys out to fill the wheelwells properly, giving you better cornering, better aerodynamics and even better looks.

Spacers are purchased based on the size required - click here for tips on how to measure.
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Looking to improve the looks and handling of your BMW with wider stance and a flush fit? Or maybe those new wheels you bought don't quite fit the way you had hoped for? ECS Tuning wheel spacers are the perfect option to give you the proper clearance you need while adding a bit of aggressive styling and improving your over-all handling thanks to the wider wheel base after installation. ECS Tuning wheel spacers are constructed of high quality 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum and are specifically designed by in-house engineers and CNC machined to exact standards, ensuring the best fitment possible. By carefully measuring the OEM wheel hubs and bore dimensions, these spacers mount with minimal clearance to prevent any vibration, retaining the stock-like vibration free operation. Finally, to make sure everything fits perfectly the first time, ECS Tuning offers a range of kits available with various bolt lengths, paired to make certain their is enough threading to properly seat the wheel and spacer, but not too much to cause potential interference with the rear of the hub or any suspension components. Features: + Constructed of strong, lightweight aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum + Black Anodized for corrosion protection + Precision machining ensures the best fitment possible + Kits paired with bolts for perfect fitment the first time
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APEX Wheels are the perfect complement to your BMW. Their designs are inspired by classic motorsport wheels of the past but with a fresh approach to manufacturing and customer support. APEX offers more wheel sizes, offset, and color combinations than any other wheel brand that we carry. And they are all exceptional quality. APEX uses the flow-forming manufacturing that produces a strong but light weight wheel. As well as being pleasing to the eye these are very strong and functional wheels that are at home on the street as well as the racetrack. The design is based on classic motorsport themes that blend with BMW styling and appearance. These wheels look right at home on many BMW models. Multiple color and profile options allow you to set just the right look and stance for your car. For wheel information in general, check out our Wheel Tech Guide by clicking here.

SM-10 FL-5 ARC-8 EC-7 PS-7
APEX Wheels are available for BMW fitments in 17', 18', and 19' diameters and a wide range of 8.0-11.0' widths. Their wheels are produced in multiple offset configurations which allows you to get just the right fitment without using wheel spacers. Multiple color options to finish off your project in style.

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HRE Wheels has emerged as the styling leader and trend starter in the European car wheel market. HRE designs are cutting edge and exciting and are featured on the hottest street machines from SoCal to South Beach. The HRE FlowForm wheel line offers forged wheel strength and HRE's stimulating designs at a more attractive price. FF01 wheels are available in 19" and 20" sizes that fit with the proper offsets. Concave centers emphasize the muscular and athletic stance while two standard and eleven optional finishes trigger the visual impact. The FlowForm process is new technology with the attributes of a fully forged wheel but at a lower cost. FlowForm starts as a cast face and the barrel is then spin formed over a mold at intense pressure. This gives the wheel greater strength but lighter in weight and with more precise tolerances than a traditional cast wheel.
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Wheels are the cohesive link between your aero upgrades and the finished product. Vorsteiner has been a major player in the BMW aero market for years. Their cutting edge and tasteful spoilers and splitters and other upgrades are now complemented by Vorsteiner's own wheel designs. These forged and flow-forged wheels are very high quality and stylish. They accent BMW's latest designs while also complementing the technical sophistication these cars enjoy. Vorsteiner Wheels are available in a number of finishes to personalize your project even more. Vorsteiner offers fully forged alloy wheels and advanced flow formed manufacturing methods. Both processes result in a very high quality, strong, and light weight road wheel.

V-FF 101 V-FF 102 V-FF 103
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Arguably the most trusted and well-regarded wheel manufacturers, BBS Wheels from Germany have been quintessential BMW wheels since their early days in motorsport. All BBS wheels for BMWs are found on this page to set any enthusiast-owned BMW apart from the average daily commuter.
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Wheel caps and roundel emblems to fit BMW wheels as well as valve stem caps, tire protection covers, tire totes, tire gauges, TPMS sensors, and BMW tire repair kits.
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For over twenty years, Forgeline has been producing premium forged aluminum wheels for street, show, and track. Forgeline's commitment to quality, engineering, style, and function have won them fans around the world and you can find Forgeline Wheels on BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Corvette, muscle car, and any other vehicle where perfection is required. Forgeline Wheels are available as one-piece monoblock or multi-piece modular designs in many styles. Because each wheel is custom ordered, any combination of paint, powder coat, polish, or chrome can be used. Forgeline uses advanced manufacturing and finishing methods to achieve the quality that other wheel manufacturers can only dream of. For wheel information in general, check out our Wheel Tech Guide by clicking here.

We will not be beat on Forgeline pricing! Call or e-mail us for our best pricing!

Below you will find Forgeline Wheels for BMW models but we also welcome inquiries on other makes as well. This is only a partial listing of available Forgeline wheels. For a wheel design or finish not listed here, call or e-mail us.

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Rohana Wheels have over 15 years of experience in the aftermarket wheel industry. They strive to provide the highest level of quality and excellence in their products. Rohana offers uniquely designed wheels for high end luxury and performance vehicles. Their wheels are engineered to clear performance brakes with a lineup ranging from 19″ to 22″, along with staggered widths as wide as 12″. Catering to enthusiasts who seek stainless steel lips paired with maximum concavity. Exceptional knowledge and solid experience allows Rohana to develop innovative designs. RF Series: The RF Series Wheels are the latest in their line up using their new Rotary Forming manufacturing process. This technique employs 3 hydraulic rollers, with pressure and heat, to stretch the barrel of the wheel to the specified diameter. This method of manufacturing results in a natural uniform weight reduction while enhancing overall structural rigidity and durability of the wheel. RC Series: The RC Series carries the most concave designs using three concavities per wheel model. Their engineers took additional steps to ensure each vehicle is able to fit the most concave face profile without interfering with brake clearances. Each design features spoke arrangements that accentuate the depth of the wheel. Rohana is dedicated to provide the most innovative designs and highest quality in every wheel.
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D-Force Wheels has been one of the leading innovators in flow-formed alloy wheels for the BMW market. These wheels use a special manufacturing process that is a cross between forging and casting. Flow-forming is a process that results in a stronger wheel than the traditional casting process and less weight than a traditional forged wheel. Many high-quality and OEM wheel manufacturers are moving to this flow forming process. D-Force first gained credibility and fame with BMW CCA Club Racers throughout North America. A light weight, strong, and affordable race wheel proved to be a winning combination. D-Force Wheels are available in two distinct styles: LTW5 - light weight 5-spoke in 17" and 18" sizes and EmPower - light weight multi-spoke 'mesh' style wheel in an 18" size. For wheel information in general, check out our Wheel Tech Guide by clicking here.

LTW5 EmPower
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The Alpina Softline is a timeless, yet cutting edge design that simply looks great on any & every BMW model. The twenty-spoke design, uncluttered by wheel lugs or a valve stem, is simply iconic. These wheels are emblematic of the high performance and bespoke luxury found in every Alpina model, and now you can add that legendary style to your BMW.
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What better place to look for a BMW wheel upgrade than straight from BMW? BMW has always offered alternative or upgraded wheel sets for most of their model range. These larger wheels offer a safe and effective upgrade. We consider the factory wheels to be the benchmark for wheel fitment. Even if you don't choose a factory wheel style, the sizing and offset has already been tested and developed by BMW's own engineers. Using the factory upgrade wheel sizes and offsets as a template is a good way to ensure a trouble-free fit for your own wheel project. For wheel information in general, check out our Wheel Tech Guide by clicking here.

BMW Wheels are one of our specialties. Our website lists the most popular wheels that we sell but we always welcome inquiries for other factory BMW wheels. Call or e-mail us and we can likely save you substantial amounts of money than buying from your local BMW dealer.

CSL Style 67 Style 220 Style 359 Style 359 Style 5
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In the market for a stylish, functional, inexpensive, or high quality wheel for your BMW? We offer wheels from many of the top name brands in the industry, with the expertise to put you in the correct wheel for your intended use. Whether you're using the car as a daily driver, weekend toy, concours darling, or all-out track warrior we have a wheel that will fit your needs. Our light weight track wheels will improve the looks and performance of your BMW. Having less unsprung and rotational weight is a huge benefit on and off the track, helping your BMW to accelerate, stop, and handle better. When you buy a wheel from us you will know you're getting a very high quality product that works. We specialize in only BMWs so we know what has the correct fitment and what features are important. We don't deal with aftermarket or replica wheel companies that don't offer a quality product. Wheels are a major purchase decision and if we're not happy with a brand or style then we're pretty sure you won't be either.

For more information on BMW wheels and wheel info in general, check out our Wheel Fitment Guide by clicking here.

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Tire stickers are an easy way to add aggressive track styling to your vehicle. Offered in temporary and permanent varieties, there is a Tire Sticker application to suit your needs. Temporary Tire Stickers last up to 1,000 miles - perfect for a car show or track event. Permanent Tire Stickers last the duration of the tire, giving your BMW a more durable, long-lasting tire lettering option.