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BMW Wheels - Genuine & Performance


The wheels and stance often make the look of the car complete. If your factory alloys are missing center caps, curb-rashed beyond recognition, or have been damaged, we have your replacements all picked out. For a performance-oriented driver, aftermarket alloys shed weight and offer improved aesthetics over the factory options. Space out your stance with our selection of wheel spacers, completely change the look and feel of your BMW with forged or flow-formed aftermarket alloys, or replace old wheels with factory options.


Wheel Tools and Storage

We carry several necessary wheel tools & storage options - from wheel hangers to protective sockets to make sure you don't damage your beloved wheels. We trust the tools we carry to help you get the job done right and, if you have multiple sets of wheels, keep them stored neatly and efficiently.

Wheel Spacers

Get the wide look without buying new wheels!
BMW leaves a lot of extra space between the tire and fender. This is amplified when lowering the ride height. By pushing the wheel out further you improve the looks and the handling at the same time! The wheels sit flush with the fender for a smoother appearance. And widening the stance will give you more stability and better handling.

Spacer sizing depends on your wheel, tire, and suspension setup. Most stock BMWs will take a 10-15mm in the front or rear. We encourage our customers to measure for wheel gap before ordering. This ensures you get the final stance and clearance you're after. Measuring is quick and easy - click here for tips on measuring .
To read more about wheel spacers, including measuring and fitment tips, check out our complete spacer page.

Wheel Emblems, TPMS, Valve Stem Caps & Accessories

Wheel caps and roundel emblems to fit BMW wheels as well as valve stem caps, tire protection covers, tire totes, tire gauges, TPMS sensors, and BMW tire repair kits.

Wheel Bolts & Stud Conversions

Any time you use a wheel spacer you MUST have a longer wheel bolt or wheel stud to properly fasten the wheel to the hub. We offer extended wheel spacer bolts in silver and black finish in a variety of lengths to fit many spacer sizes. We're up to date on the different thread sizing as well - 12x1.5, 14x1.25, and 14x1.5 so we can supply wheel bolts for just about any BMW or MINI.

Add the spacer thickness to your stock bolt length and that is your ideal extended bolt length. We generally sell bolts by spacer thickness but there may be exceptions. It's always best to measure from the wheel bolt you're currently using. When we list the total length of a bolt it's from the base of the mounting seat to the tip. To be considered safe, a 12x1.5 wheel bolt needs 10mm (6.5 turns) of thread engaged; a 14x1.25 or 14x1.5 bolt needs 12mm (9.0 and 7.5 turns) of engaged thread.

Wheel & Tire Packages

Turner Motorsport is now offering complete wheel and tire packages! We make it easy for you, shipping mounted tires on your new performance wheels straight to your door. All you have to do is mount them up to your car and get back on the road.

Tire Stickers

Tire stickers are an easy way to add aggressive track styling to your vehicle. Offered in temporary and permanent varieties, there is a Tire Sticker application to suit your needs. Temporary Tire Stickers last up to 1,000 miles - perfect for a car show or track event. Permanent Tire Stickers last the duration of the tire, giving your BMW a more durable, long-lasting tire lettering option.

Spare Tire

Looking to add a factory spare tire to your vehicle? Turner Motorpsport carries factory spares for your BMW.

Original BMW Wheels and Wheel Upgrades

What better place to look for a BMW wheel upgrade than straight from BMW? BMW has always offered alternative or upgraded wheel sets for most of their model range. These larger wheels offer a safe and effective upgrade. We consider the factory wheels to be the benchmark for wheel fitment. Even if you don't choose a factory wheel style, the sizing and offset has already been tested and developed by BMW's own engineers. Using the factory upgrade wheel sizes and offsets as a template is a good way to ensure a trouble-free fit for your own wheel project. For wheel information in general, check out our Wheel Tech Guide by clicking here.

BMW Wheels are one of our specialties. Our website lists the most popular wheels that we sell but we always welcome inquiries for other factory BMW wheels. Call or e-mail us and we can likely save you substantial amounts of money than buying from your local BMW dealer.

CSL Style 67 Style 220 Style 359 Style 359 Style 5

Aftermarket Alloy Wheels

In the market for a stylish, functional, inexpensive, or high quality wheel for your BMW? We offer wheels from many of the top name brands in the industry, with the expertise to put you in the correct wheel for your intended use. Whether you're using the car as a daily driver, weekend toy, concours darling, or all-out track warrior we have a wheel that will fit your needs. Our light weight track wheels will improve the looks and performance of your BMW. Having less unsprung and rotational weight is a huge benefit on and off the track, helping your BMW to accelerate, stop, and handle better. When you buy a wheel from us you will know you're getting a very high quality product that works. We specialize in only BMWs so we know what has the correct fitment and what features are important. We don't deal with aftermarket or replica wheel companies that don't offer a quality product. Wheels are a major purchase decision and if we're not happy with a brand or style then we're pretty sure you won't be either.

For more information on BMW wheels and wheel info in general, check out our Wheel Fitment Guide by clicking here.