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BMW Interior Parts


The interior of your BMW is where you will hopefully spend most of your time, so it should be ergonomic, comfortable, and safe. All interior components, from OEM replacement switches, trim, or steering wheels, to aftermarket upgrades like racing wheels, safety equipment, and racing seats, are available at Turner Motorsport.

Auxiliary Input Adapters for BMW

The Ultimate in BMW iPod - iPhone integration kits! This DICE iPod - iPhone integration kit allows full control of your iPod from the factory radio or steering wheel controls (on applicable models), displays the song/artist/album/playlist on screen of radio/Nav (2000+ models), charges your iPod - iPhone, features Auxiliary Input 1/8' Jack for playing tunes through non-iPod devices (Zune, Android Phones etc), and much more!

Carbon Fiber Interior Parts

Interior trim looks amazing when made from carbon fiber. Just as chrome and wood grain were the trim finishes in their respective times, carbon fiber is the style finish of current times. It is the finishing touch that sets one interior apart from all of the standard factory trim kits and reinforces the impressions of advanced technical sophistication that comes with every BMW. Real carbon fiber is the perfect aesthetic complement to a BMW's design and engineering - it's strong but lightweight and looks high tech. Our carbon fiber trim pieces and kits are very high quality with fit and finishes just like the factory original trim. In many cases, our pieces are actual Genuine BMW carbon fiber accessories.

Cup Holders and Storage

As much as BMWs are the Ultimate Driving Machine we still have to use them every day and that means have the convenience features of any other car. The center console between the front seats is the primary place for storage of phones, sunglasses, garage door openers, and just about anything you might need within quick reach but also tucked out of the way. We sell a variety of storage and convenience accessories for the center console and cupholder area.


Most people don't look at their door sills when they open the door. It's not the first place your eyes drift to (especially on highly personalized interiors). But your door sills are prime real estate for some decoration. It's a very long space with and when something is there the eyes are drawn to it. BMW chooses to dress up this area with additional ///M or Individual branding. These door sill strips are Genuine BMW factory accessories.

Radar Detectors

With an Escort Radar Detector you can Drive Smarter because Escort develops award-winning radar and laser detection products and is the 'total protection package'. Escort produces traditional windshield-mount detectors as well as the latest complete vehicle protection and navigation systems. Radar detectors have gone way beyond what they were in the 1970s and 80s. Escort has engineered detection systems that integrate with existing vehicle systems and smartphones to provide multiple levels of detection and protection against radar and laser. They have also developed 'intelligent' systems with built-in GPS logging capabilities. For those that just want a simple plug in detector, they have you covered too. A wide range of accessories and installation kits make it easy for anyone to find a detector kit that fits their needs and budget.

Factory Steering Wheels

Upgrade your BMWs steering wheel with one of these OEM BMW steering wheels. Upgrade to the M3 steering wheel or select one of our other BMW motorsport steering wheels. These steering wheels feature sportier styling, thicker diameter gripping surface and some even have the tri-color M stitching around the inside.

Check our our selection of MOMO steering wheels for your BMW.

Fire Extinguishers and Mounts

Fires in track vehicles can happen for several reasons. Prepare for them all with extinguishers and mounts, all listed on this page. Racing regulations almost always include extinguishers mounted inside the cabin. Meeting those standards is crucial to allow you to race and could end up saving your car’s life, or even your own!