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BMW Interior Parts


The interior of your BMW is where you will hopefully spend most of your time, so it should be ergonomic, comfortable, and safe. All interior components, from OEM replacement switches, trim, or steering wheels, to aftermarket upgrades like racing wheels, safety equipment, and racing seats, are available at Turner Motorsport.


Carbon Fiber Interior Parts

Interior trim looks amazing when made from carbon fiber. Just as chrome and wood grain were the trim finishes in their respective times, carbon fiber is the style finish of current times. It is the finishing touch that sets one interior apart from all of the standard factory trim kits and reinforces the impressions of advanced technical sophistication that comes with every BMW. Real carbon fiber is the perfect aesthetic complement to a BMW's design and engineering - it's strong but lightweight and looks high tech. Our carbon fiber trim pieces and kits are very high quality with fit and finishes just like the factory original trim. In many cases, our pieces are actual Genuine BMW carbon fiber accessories.

Cup Holders and Storage

As much as BMWs are the Ultimate Driving Machine we still have to use them every day and that means have the convenience features of any other car. The center console between the front seats is the primary place for storage of phones, sunglasses, garage door openers, and just about anything you might need within quick reach but also tucked out of the way. We sell a variety of storage and convenience accessories for the center console and cupholder area.

Door Sills

Most people don't look at their door sills when they open the door. It's not the first place your eyes drift to (especially on highly personalized interiors). But your door sills are prime real estate for some decoration. It's a very long space with and when something is there the eyes are drawn to it. BMW chooses to dress up this area with additional ///M or Individual branding. These door sill strips are Genuine BMW factory accessories.

Fire Extinguishers and Mounts

Fires in track vehicles can happen for several reasons. Prepare for them all with extinguishers and mounts, all listed on this page. Racing regulations almost always include extinguishers mounted inside the cabin. Meeting those standards is crucial to allow you to race and could end up saving your car’s life, or even your own!

Floor Mats

There is no better fit or match to your BMW's interior than a set of original BMW floor mats. These high quality mats fit perfectly and look great. Replacing your dirty, worn out mats is perhaps the easiest way to makeover your BMW's interior appearance. Why pay dealer price on BMW floor mats when you can buy factory BMW mats for less, shipped to your door?

Each BMW floor mat set includes 4 mats, front and rear (only 2 on Z3) and a set of Velcro fasteners which screw into the receptacles in your BMW's carpet. For most applications, we offer them in several color options to match your BMW's interior.

Gauge Kits and Data Acquisition

Information is one of the most important tools in making your car faster, handle and brake better, and just be more reliable. Supplemental gauges have long been an easy and effective method of gathering and monitoring data on how the engine is performing, cooling system performance, engine tuning, oil pressure and temp, chassis dynamics, and just about anything else you can think of. Race teams employ teams of data engineers that study and articulate changes in the never ending quest of going faster.

Data acquisition and interpretation does not have to be a black art, however. We offer products that collect and present vital information in an easy to understand display. Think of these as smartphones for your car - sophisticated, touch-button operation, easy installation, and immensely valuable.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Is your BMW blowing hot air when you want AC? Not getting enough hot air when it's cold out? Well we have the heater cores, heater valves, blower motors and related parts for your BMW. Tip: Is your air conditioning / heater fan going crazy? Does it only run at one speed or not work at all? Then a likely culprit is this blower resistor, often called the "final stage unit" in the BMW world. The function of this part is to regulate the voltage of the blower motor on BMWs which use the digital climate control. This blower resistor is a notorious weakness on the cars that use it. When it fails, your blower fan speed can fluctuate as if it has a mind of its own, or get stuck at one position. BMW has updated this item several times and we only carry the most current version.

Interior Trim & Accessories

BMW interior accessories has always been a big part of our business, going back all the way to our E30 M3 days! Whether it's stereo equipment, amps, aux adapters, center console trays and cupholders, alarm kits, multimedia accessories, gauges and gauge kits, pedals, floor mats, shift knobs and boots, e-brake handles and boots, interior trim, switches, or knobs we have you covered. Even if you don't see what you need our site please give us a call or have your dealer give you the BMW part number. We can mostly likely beat the dealer prices! In this section you will find accessories and parts not listed under our other categories.

Pedal Sets

Your BMW's pedals are one of the most important interfaces on your BMW. That is why we believe it is important that your pedals look, feel, and work their best. We offer several pedals sets that cover most BMWs, whether you are looking for a pedal set to be used on the street or track. Our BMW pedal set offerings include a couple different varieties, including the Genuine BMW pedal covers (which are brushed aluminum with raised rubber pads) and our own custom Turner racing pedals, which are CNC machined aluminum. Kits available for both 5 & 6 speed manuals as well as automatic transmission BMWs. All kits come complete with new gas pedal, necessary hardware and drilling template. (Dead pedals sold separately)

Racing Pedal Boxes

Racing pedal sets allow you to configure your pedals to fit your interior and racing application. Choose from single, dual or three pedal sets with external master cylinders for the ultimate performance on or off track,

Racing Steering Wheels

Racing and Tuning steering wheels provide a stylish but functional upgrade to your driving experience. Racing wheels are specifically designed to improve your grip on the wheel for better car control. Racing wheels are usually thicker with a grippier surface than factory wheels but a smaller diameter. The smaller overall size equates to faster steering ratio and quicker responses. Racing and Tuning wheels also provide a stylish and aesthetic improvement over bulky or dated stock wheels.

Racing and Tuning steering wheels feature leather or suede rims, anodized aluminum centers, and contoured thumb and palm indents. Most of the wheels we sell are a 330 or 350mm diameter (stock BMW is usually 380mm). The 350 size is well-suited for a street-driven car with slightly quicker steering response, good sight lines to the instruments, and a comfortable position. All aftermarket steering wheels require a hub adapter for the steering column. This is because each wheel is a universal wheel and the correct spline is required to fit the steering columns of different manufacturers. It's also important to set the wheel at the correct distance from the driver and clearance for things like the wiper and turn signal stalks. We stock all of the popular BMW hub adapters for the E24/E28, E30, E36/Z3, E46, E9X.

Radar Detectors

With an Escort Radar Detector you can Drive Smarter because Escort develops award-winning radar and laser detection products and is the 'total protection package'. Escort produces traditional windshield-mount detectors as well as the latest complete vehicle protection and navigation systems. Radar detectors have gone way beyond what they were in the 1970s and 80s. Escort has engineered detection systems that integrate with existing vehicle systems and smartphones to provide multiple levels of detection and protection against radar and laser. They have also developed 'intelligent' systems with built-in GPS logging capabilities. For those that just want a simple plug in detector, they have you covered too. A wide range of accessories and installation kits make it easy for anyone to find a detector kit that fits their needs and budget.

Radios & Electronics

Radio not working? We carry replacement speakers, head units, iDrive components, and anything else you might need to replace on your BMW to get your radio working properly again.

Racing Harnesses

The advantage of racing harnesses cannot be understated. Aside from the obvious improvement to your safety, harnesses keep your body planted in the seat and allow a much more confident and focused driving experience. Without your body strapped in you're constantly fighting to keep youself planted in the seat and these forces distract you from controlling the car. It also prevents you from getting and maintaining the ideal leverage point for working the steering wheel and pedals. Turner Motorsports offers several harness and seat belt accessories to make the use of harness belts easier.

Seats & Seat Accessories

Whether you're building a track-only speed machine, show car, or ultra-serious street ride the seats can make an awesome upgrade. Aside from the obvious safety considerations with a seat, there are few upgrades that can have more of an impact in your driving experience. Sport or Race seats envelope and grip the driver's body, holding him/her in place even under extreme driving situations. When strapped into a seat with the appropriate harnesses you can become an integrated part of the car. Without the sliding around of stock seats you can have greater confidance and focus on the act of driving. Turner Motorsport is an authorized Recaro dealer and we use them in all of our racecars and high-level tuner project cars. We offer the full range of Recaro tuner and racing seats with mounts and adapters and other accessories.

Shift Knobs, Shift Boots, & Shift Handles

Your shift knob and your steering wheel (along with the pedals) are some of the most important control surfaces in your car. We believe these surfaces should not only look exceptional but perform and function beyond expectations. We offer shift knobs that are Original BMW parts, MOMO from Italy, and other brands that we feel make driving more enjoyable and enhance the technical sophistication that your BMW embodies.

BMW shift knobs are easy to replace. On manual transmission models, the knob is pressed into a groove at the top of the shift lever. It simply needs to be pulled off - place the transmission into 2nd gear and yank hard towards your chest (not your head). 2nd gear offers a better leverage point than anything else. To install the new knob just slide it over the shift lever and press down firmly. You will feel the knob 'snap' into place.

Note that some factory knobs are a one-piece design with the boot. Upgrading your knob may require a new boot as well.

Steering Wheels

An upgraded steering wheel is both an aesthetic and performance upgrade, offering both a better look for your interior and a more connected feel between the driver and the powertrain.

Sunshades & Windscreens

Summer is the time of year to have the top down and the enjoy the sun and the wind in your hair. It's also the time of year when the powerful sun can bring interior temperatures to extreme levels and UV rays can fade and damage your BMW's interior. Our Genuine BMW foldable UV sunshades are custom fit to your BMW and help to reduce interior heat build up and protect your interior from harmful UV rays all year long. The BMW sunshade features an insulating foam core that is sandwiched between highly reflective material to help limit heat build up. And they fold up for compact storage in their own bag.

Nothing is better than putting the top down and going for a cruise on a nice sunny day, but at any speed over 20mph the wind buffeting starts to make the drive a little less enjoyable. When it comes time for a highway drive buffeting can become so bad that your tempted to put the top up. These Genuine BMW convertible wind screens help you to enjoy the best of top down motoring without the annoying wind buffeting.