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BMW Exhaust Parts, Mufflers & Catalytic Converters


Performance exhaust options from the best BMW aftermarket producers and the most reliable replacement maintenance parts are all at Turner Motorsport. Over time, factory exhaust on the cleanest examples of BMW heritage shows their age. Our factory replacement exhausts are just what you need to keep your favorite car in showroom condition or finish off your restoration. If you are looking for a bump in sound and power, you can also find our performance options like Headers, Downpipes, and Mufflers from Corsa, DINAN, and others on this page.


Axleback Exhaust Systems

Axleback exhaust systems generally include what's behind your rear axle. These are among the easiest of exhaust upgrades to install, and give you an instant upgrade in sound.

Catalytic Converters

Our Catalytic Converters are the same quality construction as OEM but at a third of the cost! These are a direct replacement for the original BMW catalytic converter. These bolt on to your stock exhaust manifold and muffler, no welding required. We offer cats for both pre-OBDII BMW's (pre 1996) and BMW's with OBDII (1996+). We offer both 50 state legal converters and less expensive 49 state versions. Meets all EPA and CARB requirements. A factory warranty is included: 5 year/25,000 for 49 State versions, and 5 years/50,000 miles on 50 State legal versions.

Catback Exhaust Systems

Catback Exhaust systems are designed to completely replace everything from your cats all the way back to your exhaust tips. Traditionally, if you are planning on upgrading your entire exhaust system, you will also need headers and downpipes.

Center Section & X-Pipes

Upgrading the center section of your exhaust often removes some restrictions, mainly catalytic converters, giving your vehicle both more power and more sound. We offer several different exhaust brands to get your vehicle sounding exactly the way you want it to!


When BMW began to offer more and more forced induction vehicles, some enthusiasts were upset and others were excited about the big power potential. While we love older, naturally aspirated BMWs, we LOVE forced induction BMWs. Upgrading your downpipe (or downpipes) is one of the easiest ways to reduce restriction and add more power to your BMW. We offer several brands, including our own designs, of downpipes for your BMW!

Exhaust Install Kits

If you are performing work that necessitates the removal of the exhaust or installing a performance aftermarket system, these kits will help you get the job done sooner. Exhaust hangers, bolts, and gaskets stand up to years of abuse from engine heat and the elements, they do not, however, withstand removal and installation very well. Vehicle specific kits ensure that you will have all of the necessary hardware for your specific series and model.

Exhaust Tips

Looking to enhance the appearance of your exhaust but don't want to buy a full system or change the sound? Exhaust tailpipe tips replace or cover the existing tips and give your muffler the sporty appearance of full performance exhausts. The muffler tips we sell are designed to blend with the bodywork and styling of your BMW and not look out of place or garrish. Many of the tip sets we sell are factory BMW accessory parts.

Full System Upgrades

A performance exhaust is a modification that you get constant benefit from - at every change of the throttle you are rewarded with that tuned sound. It's not like other modifications where you may not realize all of its benefits all the time. It's an upgrade that you enjoy at all times when you're behind the wheel. We offer exhaust upgrades from multiple performance manufacturers like Borla, Corsa, Supersprint, and Akrapovic but we have also developed or sourced other exhaust systems to meet specific needs.

Gaskets, Hangers, and Parts

Exhaust systems are typically split among multiple sections and each section has its own form of fasteners and attachment points. The gaskets, hangers, and seals that join each section together should be replaced any time the exhaust is removed. As the exhaust is tightened together the gaskets and seals are crushed or deformed to form a tight seal. Re-using them is possible but greatly opens up the potential for an exhaust leak. Exhaust leaks can lead to a number of major and minor problems including power loss, check engine faults, and noise issues. Replacing your hangers and gaskets will ensure you don't have to take the exhaust down all over again.


Headers are a bolt-on component that will make a huge improvement in how your BMW performs. As a replacement for your factory BMW exhaust manifold, our BMW headers provide a more direct path for exhaust gasses leaving your engine. Headers prevent your BMW's exhaust pulses from 'fighting' one another as they leave the head. The end result is that BMW headers give you more power and torque, and you'll love the high-winding top end push that a free-breathing engine exhibits. BMW headers are a must-have if you're doing any engine modifications on your vehicle. Along with a cold air intake, BMW headers provide the free-flowing exhaust necessary to get the most power out of your motor.


Is your muffler old and crusty? If you need to replace your muffler, we have you covered with several different options for your BMW.

Oxygen Sensor - O2 Sensors

Every new BMW, and all BMW cars made from 1980 on, have an oxygen sensor, often called an "O2 sensor". The oxygen sensor is part of your BMW's emissions control system and feeds data to BMW engine management computer. The oxygen sensor is positioned in the exhaust pipe and can detect rich and lean mixtures. The goal of the oxygen sensor is to help the engine run as efficiently as possible and also to produce as few emissions as possible. When your BMW oxygen sensor fails, the computer can no longer sense the air/fuel ratio, so it ends up guessing -- resulting in poor performance, poor gas mileage, and increased pollution. Make sure your BMW engine performs as it should, and doesn't use more fuel than it needs to by simply changing your oxygen sensor today. We carry Bosch oxygen sensors, and in some cases Genuine BMW oxygen sensors or OEM oxygen sensors.

Universal Components

Here at Turner we have a growing catalog of universal exhaust components to help you fabricate your custom exhaust setup. For every project, Turner Motorsport is your BMW parts resource!