Rear ABS, DSC, Wheel Speed Sensor - E46 325xi 330xi

Rear left or right ABS and wheel speed sensor (pulse generator) for 2001-2005 E46 325Xi and 330Xi. This is an OE or OEM Ate part direct from the manufacturer.

Since the sensor is tied into the ABS and DSC systems a bad or non-functioning one can cause trouble throughout the car. The sensors are in a very vulnerable spot in the wheel hub - dirt, grease, and other particles can damage the sensor. You might get lucky and clean the sensor but on high mileage cars it might be best to just replace it. With no signal from the sensor the ABS and DSC will revert to a fail safe mode or not work at all and the lights on the instrument cluster will come on. There should be a hard fault code and check engine light too and the code will tell you which ABS sensor needs replacing.

This is the rear sensor and fits either the left or right wheel hub. Sold individually.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2001-2005 E46 BMW 325xi 330xi Sedan & Wagon
T#: 13605 | Part#: 34526756383
Part#: 34-52-6-756-383
Part#: 34 52 6 756 383
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Rear ABS, DSC, Wheel Speed Sensor - E46 325xi 330xi