E46 Complete Turner Motorsport Reinforcement Package

The E46 is by no means a very old car. But more and more E46s are seeing track use or being converted to all-out track cars. And the odometers aren't rolling backwards. With age, mileage, and hard use the chassis will develop weak points that threaten the overall integrity of the car. When suspension points and subframes start to rip from the car, it puts the driver and anyone else at a serious safety risk. Not to mention the obvious effects on the performance of the car. TMS has developed reinforcements for the most-common weak points in the E46 chassis. With these kits in place you can be sure that your car spends less time on a body rack and more time on the race track. Included in this package are all of the reinforcements we developed for the E46:

T#: 1372 | Part#: T46REINF
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E46 Complete Turner Motorsport Reinforcement Package