E46 325/330 6-speed, Z4 HD Clutch and Flywheel Kit

This lightweight aluminum flywheel w/ Heavy Duty "sprung-hub" clutch package is the best-engineered solution for E46 325 and 330 models with the 6-speed transmission, and 6-speed Z4 2.5/3.0. Instead of picking a clutch from another car that may or may not work at all, the engineers at JB Racing have taken all of the guess work out of this upgrade and incorporated a Sachs sport sprung-hub clutch with the correct pressure plate and combined it with their most-popular aluminum lightweight flywheel. The Sachs HD clutch disc has a sprung hub to minimize noise and vibration and organic linings to give the feel and engagement of a stock clutch. Mixing and matching of the incorrect clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel components can lead to inconsistent engagement and feel -- why make your clutch feel worse?

In addition, the Sachs HD pressure plate will clamp with greater force -- allowing approximately 350 ft-lbs of torque, which makes it an obvious upgrade from the stock clutch kit. And with the aluminum flywheel weight savings is substantial over the stock dual-mass flywheel - which allows your motor to spool up faster and transmit more HP to the ground.

Because Sachs is an OE supplier to most German cars, replacement parts are just a phone call away. This kit uses the stock throw-out bearing (included in the price).

Sport Clutch and Flywheel Applications:
2003-2006 E46 325i, 330i (6-speed manual transmission only)
2003-2006 E85 Z4 Z4 2.5, Z4 3.0 (M54 engine) (6-speed manual transmission only)
T#: 2399 | Part#: 520-010S-S873PBG
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Ships by Feb 15, 2022
E46 325/330 6-speed, Z4 HD Clutch and Flywheel Kit