E39 6-Piece Euro Clear Lens Package

COMPLETE PACKAGE (SPECIAL PRICE). Full, 6-piece Euro clear turn signal set, including front turn signals, side markers, taillights, trunk pieces, and bulbs. These are a direct replacement for your stock yellow lenses and make a major change in the overall appearance of your car. Theres no question the Euro look is more pleasing to the eyes than the bright orange of the stock BMW lights. We have packaged the whole car as a set of 6 lights with a package discount that saves you money. This is our lowest price ever! These lenses fit correctly, wont dim or turn yellow, tight fit for no leaks, and the correct wiring for the US market (no OBC faults). Each of these lights installs in minutes with simple tools. Amber bulbs included or choose the Stealth option for a cleaner look.

1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 E39 BMW 528i, 540i, M5
T#: 3596 | Part#: 63128375301SET6
821.95 $821.95
Expected Ship Date: Feb 10, 2022
E39 6-Piece Euro Clear Lens Package