ECS Tuning Magnetic Oil Drain Plug (M12x1.5)

Turn your oil drain plug into an effective metal particle filter! This drain plug fits virtually all BMWs, and has a SUPER strong magnet built into it's tip, trapping iron and steel contaminants and safely removing them from the circulation. 

This is a must for ALL BMWs, and simply installs in place of your existing drain plug. With every oil change you perform on your BMW, you'll be able to inspect for metal shavings and debris. Many times, if something is going wrong on your BMW's engine, the drain plug can give you an early warning. Our championship race team uses this info all the time (Ever find a piece of a valve spring in your oil? We have!) Be sure to get one now, and make the swap next oil change! 

This magentic drain plug most BMWs (except pre-1980's). It includes a new/fresh copper washer. 

Note: requires thin wall socket and very slight trimming of the undertray for E46 M3, Z4M, Z3M with S54 engine

T#: 361057 | Part#: 002201ECS01A
12.95 $12.95
ECS Tuning Magnetic Oil Drain Plug (M12x1.5)