NGK Performance Iridium One-Step Colder Spark Plug Set - BMW N54 3.0L

When it comes time to change your spark plugs, you may wonder about colder stepped spark plugs as many others have. Colder spark plugs work by pulling more heat out of the engine's cylinders (making them "colder") and dissipating it into the engine's head, which is then cooled by the cooling system. Depending on how you have your engine built, these could be a great addition! Colder plugs can help prevent engine knock and prevent the tip of the spark plug from melting or misfiring. There are two rules that most people tend to go by when deciding on which spark plugs to buy: The first rule of thumb is that with every 100 horsepower added, you should run spark plugs that are a step colder than your stock plugs. This is generally accepted across the motorsports community but unfortunately isn't always the most accurate measurement of when you will need colder plugs. The second rule is to go a step colder any time you massively alter cylinder temperatures by adding forced induction to an NA engine, by increasing compression ratio, after altering timing in a major way, or by changing fuel types to something with a higher octane rating such as racing fuel. Adding spark plugs that are a step colder outside of these conditions, with no real change to the engine, can actually hurt more than help by leading to spark plugs fouling quicker than normal and by making the car harder to start in cold weather conditions. We suggest talking to your engine builder or tuner before making the change, or you can call our Turner Motorsport sales staff to discuss what modifications have been made to your vehicle and see if these plugs are right for you!
T#: 376669 | Part#: N54PLUGKT
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NGK Performance Iridium One-Step Colder Spark Plug Set - BMW N54 3.0L