Liqui-Moly Pro-Line Engine Flush - 500ml

Looking to rid your engine of built up gunk and sludge? Liqui-Moly's Pro-Line Engine Flush is perfect for lifting away engine sludge, both oil-soluble and insoluble, from the surfaces of the block and interior components and oil passages, allowing oil to flow much more freely afterward, enabling the new oil to provide better protection and the engine to run smoother and easier. This is done by using a proprietary blend of detergents and dispersant additives that are harsh and fast acting on build-up but neutral to seals, gaskets, and other internal engine materials. This provides a gentle but rapid cleaning process that eliminate contaminants, restoring power and engine efficiency.
T#: 394664 | Part#: lm2037KT
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Liqui-Moly Pro-Line Engine Flush - 500ml