Bav Auto Touch Up Paint Pen - Schwartz II/Black

Is there a scratch in your paint that you can't stop looking at? Worried about moisture potentially getting through and causing rust to form? Thanks to Bav Auto, you needn't worry any longer! Their premium line of Touch Up Paint Pens is perfect to fill in scratches and chips with color matched paint. These paint pens use high-quality urethane paint that is easily applied by pressing the felt-tip to the body of the vehicle and "coloring in" the damaged area. Simply match the paint code of your vehicle to our paint code and you are good to go! Bav Auto's line of paint pens includes standard colors as well as metallic. (Paint codes can usually be found under the hood on the left strut housing or on the underside of the hood.) From 1974 to 2019, Bavarian Autosport was one of the premier vendors for BMW and MINI auto parts. We are happy to preserve the Bav Auto legacy by continuing to carry their high-quality products into the future. All Bav Auto parts will remain unchanged in design and sourced from the same OEM suppliers to ensure long-lasting reliability. We trust these parts, accessories, and upgrades so confidently that we back every Bavarian Autosport branded component with a 2-year warranty. Frequently Asked Questions: Q. How can I obtain the best results with my Paint Pen? A. Always start with a clean car. Paint will not stick to dirt or wax. If you are washing your car yourself, use a natural sponge or chamois for best results. Make sure the car is dry. Q. Why does paint sometimes flow out of the sides of the Paint Pen when I depress the tip? A. This happens if you press the tip too hard on a surface. Remove excess from the side with a paper towel. Q. Does the temperature make a difference when I touch up my car? A. Yes. Never touch up your car in the direct sunlight. The ideal temperatures are between 65-80 degrees. Q. What if I don't like what I've just done? A. Place a small amount of paint thinner on a cotton swab. Gently wipe it over the area you just touched up. You can shine up any dulled areas later on with wax. Q. How do I get a high gloss finish? A. Make sure every coat is dry prior to applying another coat of paint. For an even higher gloss, you may purchase our clear coat pens from us. Q. How should I store my Paint Pen? A. Store the pen on its side and keep it in a cool, dry place. Never keep it in your car.
T#: 580243 | Part#: APP668
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Bav Auto Touch Up Paint Pen - Schwartz II/Black