Genuine BMW Radiator - E46 M3

More than likely, you are going to replace the radiator in your vehicle at least once. The joints where the cores meet the end tanks tend to get weak and are the first place to spring a leak. Impacts to the fins themselves can cause holes to form. Corrosion and clogging from the inside can make cooling less than effective and compromise coolant flow. Replace your leaking unit with a factory replacement and get that jug of coolant out of your back seat.

This is a factory original style radiator from Genuine BMW and will fit perfectly into the stock location. Cooling will be identical to what your car came with originally. A great replacement with all the proper connections and in all of the proper locations.

When doing radiator and cooling service, you will obviously lose coolant. Browse through the cooling section of your model to see factory correct coolants, seals, and caps. Before beginning, check your hoses to make sure everything is in good shape.

T#: 360735 | Part#: 17102228941
Part#: 17-10-2-228-941
Part#: 17 10 2 228 941
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Genuine BMW Radiator - E46 M3