E91 328i Wagon H&R Touring Cup Kit Suspension Package

  • Matching Shock & Spring Package
  • Comparable to a H&R Sport spring - mild upgrade over stock
  • Improved handling with minimal impact on ride comfort

  • Looking for a mild, entry-level suspension improvement for your 325i or 328i wagon? This Touring Cup Kit is a great first upgrade to get better handling and less bodyroll.

    H&R Touring Cup Kit springs lower the ride height as much as 1.3" in front and rear and stiffens the spring rate. Both combine to lower the car's center of gravity and reduce the amount of bodyroll in corners. The springs are progressive rate so their initial stiffness is actually very compliant and it becomes stiffer as the spring is compressed. This is great for street cars that see bumps and potholes where suspension compliance is key. Overall, they are about 35% stiffer than the stock original springs. Lowering amount will be less if replacing the factory sport suspension. This package fits with the stock strut and shock mounts, making for an easy and clean install.

    This H&R Cup Kit is a tuned shock/spring package for the E91 wagon. H&R matches a set of springs to performance shocks for a perfectly setup and functioning suspension package. Instead of mixing and matching springs with shocks, H&R has tailored each shock for the specific model, taking into account spring rates, chassis setup, and suspension motions. Without the shocks and springs working together the suspension may have incorrect travel or be a mis-match for spring rate (under-dampened) or too stiff. This E91 Cup Kit addresses all of that.

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    2006-2012 E91 BMW 328i Wagon - Rear Wheel Drive Only - Not for All Wheel Drive
    T#: 5311 | Part#: 31054T-3
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    E91 328i Wagon H&R Touring Cup Kit Suspension Package