Pick a winning partner. Sponsor Turner Motorsport Racing.

There is no other sport like Professional Car racing when it comes to providing an organization with multiple means to market and merchandise a sponsor relationship. In fact, the role of the sponsor in racing has long been recognized as paramount, as a major component of the sport and a key reason for its continued success.

A Professional Car sponsorship is bottom-line valuable. It provides the vehicle by which to achieve any number of marketing objectives, whether that be positioning products or services in the marketplace, increasing sales, testing products in a racing environment, driving sales into new markets, enhancing corporate image or building client, customer and employee relationships. The opportunities are limitless and the way to maximize those opportunities is through developing an integrated, strategic, long-term team-sponsor marketing relationship.

Through an association with Professional Car racing and specifically with Turner Motorsport, corporations achieve positive marketing results and receive tremendous worldwide exposure.

For information regarding sponsorship of the Turner Motorsport team contact Director of Marketing, Jay Baier at (978) 388-9595 or send an e-mail message to  jayb@turnerbmw.com.