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Rear Control Arm Bushings

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Turner Motorsport Sealed Monoball Rear Trailing Arm Bushings (pair) (RTAB) - V2.0 E36 E46 Z4
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Part#: 017738TMS02
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Sale - Save 10% $267.95
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Our sealed Monoball Rear Trailing Arm Bushings (RTAB) are the best solution for completely eliminating deflection and unwanted toe changes on the rear of the E36, E46, and Z4. While rubber and urethane bushings flex during load, the toe can change widely giving you nervous and unpredictable handling. These RTABs have a solid aluminum housing with a high-quality sealed OE bearing. These bushings were developed from years of competition use in various racing and HPDE events. There is simply no better RTAB unless your racing class rules prohibit the use of mono or spherical bearings.

The rear trailing arm bushings take a lot of abuse from acclerating, braking and cornering. The stock rubber bushings are just not up to the task of keeping rear wheel alignment in spec for very long, especially if you have upgraded to stickier tires and a better suspension. The pliable rubber flexes and twists which slows down reaction time and leaves you with a car that feels nervous and 'tail happy'. Urethane helps to control the alignment but issues with fitment, maintenance, and longevity keep us from recommending urethane on anything but a street car. We also offer a Delrin RTAB for cars that must conform to certain racing class rules. These sealed spherical bearings are the best at controlling rear toe alignment.

Our aluminum RTABs are very well made - high grade aluminum alloy and steel CNC'd out of a billet by an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, each component is either hardcoated or nickel plated. While multiple manufacturers offer two piece designs, our research showed that a one piece bushing is a better design featuring a sealed bearing to keep contaminants out extending the life of the bearing.


Key Benefits:

  • Rear Trailing Arm Monoball eliminates unwanted deflection, maintaining alignment settings and minimizing wheel hop.
  • Allows full rear trailing arm articulation for low friction movement and eliminates binding found in rubber and poly bushings.
  • Completely streetable: utilizes an OES Lemforder brand sealed, greased ball joint for an extremely long service life with no increase to NVH.


Design Features:

  • Housing: Billet CNC 6061-T6 aluminum, type II anodized for exceptional durability and corrosion resistance
  • Bearing: OE Mercedes/lemforder 2043520027 Sealed ball joint
  • Bearing inserts: CNC machined 303 stainless steel.
  • Rebuildable

Clickhere for installation instructions.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1992-1998 E36 BMW 318i 318is 318ic 323is 323ic 325i 325is 325ic 328i 328is 328ic M3
1999-2005 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 325i 325ci 325xi 328i 328ci 330i 330ci 330xi M3
2003-2008 Z4 BMW Z4 2.5i Z4 3.0i Z4 3.0si Z4 M Roadster M Coupe

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Rear Pitman Arm "Dog Bone"- E23 E24 E28 E34 E32
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Part#: 33321126476
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This is the rear pitman arm that mounts between the trailing arm and the rear axle. It is also referred to as the "dog bone" or the "drop arm". Over time this, wear and tear will necessitate its replacement. OEM Lemforder's replacement will replace everything back to new condition.

OEM Lemförder is an engineering company that focuses on high-quality, precision manufacturing of critical suspension and steering components. Providing exceptionally high quality parts directly to BMW, as well as 50+ other big name automotive companies, such as Mercedes and Audi, their history of reliability and variety of offered parts makes them one of the biggest names for a go-to OEM parts provider. Lemförder parts place an important emphasis on design, production, and assembly, ensuring maximum reliability. They even coat all parts possible with corrosion protection for extended longevity.

As a leading source of high performance BMW parts and accessories since 1993, we at Turner Motorsport are honored to be the go-to supplier for tens of thousands of enthusiasts the world over. With over two decades of parts, service, and racing experience under our belt, we provide only quality performance and replacement parts.  All of our performance parts are those we would (and do!) install and run on our own cars, as well as replacement parts that are Genuine BMW or from OEM manufacturers. We only offer parts we know you can trust to perform!

This item fits the following BMWs:
1982-1988 E28 BMW 524td 528e 533i 535i 535is M5
1983-1989 E24 BMW 633csi 635csi M6
1983-1987 E23 BMW 733i 735i

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Race Polyurethane Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Set - E36, E46, Z4
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Part#: PFR5-3608BX2
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Rear trailing arm bushings serve the key purpose of keeping rear suspension triangulated and the vehicle moving where it's directed to. Though failure prone, even factory-fresh OEM rubber bushings allow for deflection, causing suspension geometry changes on hard launches, over bumps in the road, and during cornering. This deflection results in clunking in the rear end, a “rear steer” feeling, and uneven tire wear.

Powerflex polyurethane rear trailing arm bushings are firmer than OEM bushings, resulting in a reduction of deflection that causes these suspension angle changes, improving handling over bumps and with a proper alignment, extending tire wear.

Powerflex Black Series bushings are the ultimate in track and race bushings. Featuring 95A durometer polyurethane, Black Series bushings are 25% stiffer than street bushings. Engineered to perform, Powerflex performance polyurethane bushings offer a supreme level of control, while still providing enough comfort for the street, with advanced polyurethane that reduces NVH that often accompanies lesser bushings. Expect improved steering feel, turn in, more responsive handling and overall improved chassis composure with Powerflex performance polyurethane control arm bushings.

Poweflex is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket suspension bushings. Using state of the art design and manufacturing, all replacement bushings are engineered to out-perform and out-last the ones that came in the car. Each line of bushings is meticulously tested and then re-tested to ensure perfect fitment and enduring quality through the life of the vehicle. A full lifetime warranty backs every one of their products and demonstrates the level of confidence and commitment Powerflex has to their customers. 

This Product fits the following BMWs:
E36 1992-1999 318i 318is 318ti 320i 323i 325i 325is 328i 328is 
E46 2000-2006
Z4 All

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Schwaben Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Tool - E36 E46 Z4 E83
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Part#: 020610SCH01A
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Free Shipping on orders $49 and up
Free Shipping on orders $49 and up

This tool makes it easy to press old rear trailing arm bushings (RTAB) out and install the new bushings. This RTAB tool is like a clamp with a puller that draws the bushing through the trailing arm. With the tool positioned on the trailing, simply turn the stud to pull the bushing out. This tool will save you time, money, and hassle on your RTAB DIY job.

Note: this tool works with bushings that are not an interference fit in the trailing arm. Interference bushings need to be compressed and then pressed into the arm. They can be identified by splits in the outer case.

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Powerflex Polyurethane Rear Upper and Lower Arm Outer Bushing Set - E36, E46, E83, Z4
Powerflex Polyurethane Rear Upper and Lower Arm Outer Bushing Set - ...
Sold as a pack of 2. In order to do both upper and lower positions 2 sets are required.
Powerflex - Corporate Logo
Part#: PFR5-4618X2
In Stock
Free Shipping